New Sermon Series – “We Too”

By , Communications Pastor| November 3rd, 2016|

Several weeks before we launch a new sermon series a few of us on staff gather to plan what the series will be all about. We make decisions on music and video elements, posters, handouts, fun elements, stuff like that. We also decide what the series will be called. Well, a couple of months back, [...]

New Series Starting: Tribe

By , Communications Pastor| August 18th, 2016|

Several years ago, my family and I moved to Hesston, Kansas—a small town just north of Wichita. In our first weeks and months there, as we tried to learn about the town and its people, we heard over and over about the great tornado that hit that community some 25 years earlier. On March 13, [...]

New Series: Momentum

By , Communications Pastor| July 15th, 2016|

I recently started exercising again. It’s been a while and my age is catching up to my muscles and my waistline. After being fairly athletic as a young man, my life is far too sedentary now. But, developing new exercise habits is tough. It’s hard to start that new routine and then maintain that new [...]

New Series: “Little Big Shots”

By , Groups Pastor| June 10th, 2016|

You don’t always need a lot of words to make a big difference. In fact, sometimes the smallest statements make the greatest impact. Did you know there are only 272 words in the Gettysburg Address? After reading all 195,954 words of Great Expectations in high school (okay, confession time, I didn’t get through all of [...]