Sermon Series

The Gamble

Date: 1/10/2021 - Now

The Gamble

You're invited to join us as we examine how we play the game of life.

We’ll look to God’s wisdom to uncover some of the bad bets we base our lives upon. So, grab a few friends because this journey isn’t meant to be done alone—we go further and faster together. Feel free to organize your own group or jump into one at Chase Oaks. Let's start this journey together!

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Sermons From This Series

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Do What Feels Right

“I did it…my way.” Is there anything wrong with doing what feels right? Some of these decisions can turn out to be good ones, while others turn out to be a b...

Stay Safe With Similar People

Why can’t we “cancel” others who disagree with us? Sticking with similar people feels so much safer in our polarized culture. But like other bad bets, it ult...

Accomplish at All Costs

Ambition is a God-given trait and a crucial component of the American Dream. When does this innate drive make for a bad bet? When it compels us to accomplish...

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The Gamble

Video Sessions The Gamble Trailer Bad Bet 1: Do What Feels Right Bad Bet 2: Stay Safe With Similar People Bad Bet 3: Accomplish at All...