Fall is coming and that means pulling out our favorite sports team jersey—whether it’s this city or another, you have a team you’re rooting for!

At Chase Oaks, we are rooting for your “home team.” Whether you are single, dating, married, or parenting with kids at home, you have people in your life that matter most. But these relationships can be tricky to get right.

This season, we will explore practical ways to win at our most important relationships in our “Home Team” series. We have gathered some resources to help you dive further into topics on marriage and parenting.

Family Now Conference

The Family Now Conference is a one-day gathering where we will learn practical skills for a healthy home life. It’ll take place on Saturday, September 21, from 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m., at the Legacy Campus (281 Legacy Dr., Plano, TX). Childcare is available. Register today to save your spot!


Home Team Playlist

This playlist of Chase Oaks Worship’s favorite family songs will have your home team ready to play the game of life!

Home Team Spotify Playlist

Home Team Resources

Here are some practical tools that will equip us to win at our most important relationships.



Going Deep, Wayfinder Sermon Series
Sharing our deepest feelings and needs make us feel vulnerable. The fear of going deep keeps us from forming deeper connections in our relationships.

The Difficult Beauty of Marriage, Wayfinder Sermon Series
Growing up, most of us have some type of understanding of marriage from fairy tales, movies, and our parents. Oftentimes, our limited understanding can lead to dissatisfaction and disappointment later in life.

Good Conflict, Wayfinder Sermon Series Group Study
How we handle that conflict and hurt will take our relationship one way or the other. If we mishandle it, hurt feelings can easily build into contempt. However, if the conflict is handled well, it can actually become a gateway to the kind of relational depth we really want.

How to Be at Peace with Others, Life Hacks Sermon Series Group Study  
There is a lot of anger and discontentment in the world and in our own lives. What is the cause of it?

Mission: Train Up a Child, Wayfinder Sermon Series
Parenting is about making sacrifices. Parenting is about leading by example. Parenting is our mission field. And once we choose to lead our children on a path to God, we can trust they will find their way.

Livin’ Worthy, Livin’ Large Sermon Series
What is a life worth living? Many of us try to find meaning and purpose in our careers, in our marriages, and in raising our children. We want to live for something bigger and greater, but we don’t know what that looks like for us.