Start Up

Many people think of Jesus being a party-killer. So, it can be surprising to see how Jesus actually went to a lot of parties and liked being at them. What’s even crazier is people liked having Him there, too, because He made the party better. This fits in line with what Jesus came to do overall. He came to bring what the Bible calls, “the fullness of life.” Let’s see how Jesus brings the party to us today as we look at His first recorded miracle.

  • In your experience, what is the difference between an amazing party and one that’s a dud?

  • Why do you think so many people in our culture associate religion or even Jesus as a kill-joy? Have you ever thought this way?

Discuss Together

Read John 2:1-11.

  • Jesus is at a wedding…and it’s about to be a wedding disaster. Have you ever faced a party or wedding disaster? What happened?

  • What is the problem facing the host family? Why would this have been so disastrous for them?

  • What do you think gave Mary confidence to think Jesus could solve the dilemma?

  • When you think of asking God for help, what gives you confidence that He is both willing and able to help?

  • Why do you think Jesus responds the way He does to Mary?

  • Why is it significant that Jesus’ first recorded miracle was to save a party? What do you think God is trying to tell us about Himself?

Now, read Isaiah 25:6-8.

  • What type of feast was the Messiah prophesied to bring? How is this feast a picture of what God would do in the world through Jesus?

  • Did you grow up in an environment where rules were prioritized over a relationship with God? Today, what do you think about the role of rules in loving God?

  • Saying God wants a relationship with us can be a little vague. So, get specific: What does it mean to have a relationship with God? What would be different about this coming week if you didn’t have a relationship with God?

  • Peter said, “Jesus is in the ‘turning’ business. He turned water into wine. He turns sorrows into joy. He turns pain into healing. He turns us from a destructive life into an abundant fulfilling life.” Where are you most in need of God’s ‘turning’ power in your life today?


Pray together that God would fill you with His joy this week. Give Him your requests and trust Him by leaving your problems in His gracious hands.