Foster Care

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Why Foster Care?

Despite being a wonderful place to live, Collin County and surrounding counties have a real but often hidden issue: at-risk children living in unsafe homes. Many of us are unaware of their presence and the need for foster families to provide loving homes for these children.

Chase Oaks Church wants to make a difference in the lives of foster families by supporting them through acts of service, support groups, reduced-cost trainings, network connections, and respite. We envision a day when no child must leave Collin County just because there isn't a local family ready to bring him or her into their home. Some of us can bring children into our homes. Many others desire to serve and support those who can.

How Can I Make a Difference?

Here are three ways to help improve the lives of abused and neglected children:

  1. Give a foster family occasional practical support to ease their work load. This helps them to keep their homes open to receiving and nurturing children.
  2. Look into becoming a foster parent. Foster parenting essentially means providing a temporary, safe, and loving home for a child in need while the state works to find a permanent solution on the child's behalf.
  3. Help to spread the word about the presence and needs of at-risk children in our community.