Foster Care

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Despite being an affluent and wonderful place to live, Collin County and surrounding counties have a need for loving homes for children in need. Many of us are unaware of this need and have never really considered that Collin County even has children at risk. When we live in areas with great schools and amenities, it can be easy to not know there are children living in unsafe homes.

Chase Oaks Church wants to make a difference in the lives of foster families by supporting them through acts of service, support groups, reduced-cost trainings, network connections, and respite. We’d like to see a day when no child must leave Collin County because there’s no local family ready to bring him or her into their home. At Chase Oaks Church, some of us are going to bring children into our homes while many of us are going to find ways to serve and support them.


Now that we know, our next thought may be, “What can I do about it?” There are at least three things that we can do to improve the lives of abused and neglected children right now:

  1. Get engaged in serving a foster family with occasional support to ease their load, enabling them to keep their homes open to receiving and nurturing children.
  2. Look into becoming a foster parent. By becoming a foster parent, we’re essentially agreeing to provide a temporary safe and loving home for a child in need while the state finds a permanent, safe solution.
  3. Make a promise to spread the word about the problem.