Chase Oaks Church is working to bring hope and a bright future in Cairo, Egypt. Please continue reading and find out more about what we are doing in Kenya and consider donating to the Chase Oaks Global Fund, which supports this important work.

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In June of 2019, Chase Oaks Church sent a team of five to Cairo to see some of the partners Bright Hope World (BHW) had been working with for several years. This is our typical process when we are looking for global partners we think may fit our global strategy of supporting and encouraging indigenous leaders who are doing great ministry and work in developing countries. While in Cairo, we saw was amazing people sacrificing a lot to make a huge difference in the lives of other poor in their own country.

Egypt, particularly the Cairo area, has some of the poorest of the poor we’ve seen in our global partners. There are more than 20 million people in greater Cairo trying to survive the strained economic environment brought on by the vast number of people and recent instability in the country. To say Cairo is overpopulated is an understatement. Many of its people are day laborers searching each day for the sustenance needed to simply support themselves and their families.

Fortunately, there are small groups of Christian brothers and sisters with huge concern for their own and for others who have yet to follow Jesus. The Christian population is highly persecuted in this area, living daily with a lack of income and homes due greatly to their chosen faith in a country where they are a significant minority. We saw church leaders and mission-minded followers of Jesus that experience the same hardships, but they do not let that prevent them from giving whatever resources they have to serve those even less fortunate.

As we embark on this journey with BHW and the people of Egypt, we anticipate great progress to be made over the next 5-6 years. Below are some of the specific strategies and projects we will have the privilege of supporting financially. Our sacrificial giving and their sacrificial work will have a very significant impact on the people to whom they are ministering, and we are very thankful to have a role in the outcomes.

Strategy & Ministry Focus

Realizing the opportunities vocational training brings to individuals and their families, this group dedicates their time to training, seeing it as an investment in the future.

Currently, there are about 300 people impacted per year, including refugees, mostly younger people, and many from the majority faith learning computer and cell phone repair, computer software (Microsoft Office), men’s and women’s hairdressing, refrigerator and air conditioner repair, and English and music classes. With additional programs, this would rise to about 1,000 people per year in training courses. This group has the capacity to grow immeasurably, and Chase Oaks Church will help make it financially possible.

The one evangelical church in Nasr City (a district of Cairo) supports churches in smaller towns in the Cairo area with loan programs. The church in Nasr City provides loans and assistance through a social committee that assists people in graduating out of relief and into loans and empowerment. Some of the beneficiaries need any sort of intervention to provide for their daily needs, and loans are the best way to do so. The objective is to grow the capital amount in the fund to a level that makes it self-sustaining as a revolving fund by the end of five years.

There is a wide variety of loan types: machinery for clothes cleaning and pressing, jewelry store, produce resale, tuk-tuks, and small taxi vehicles. Each of these provide income for their families. There are about 260 families benefitting from the loan program, and they expect that number to rise to over 1,000 families.

This ministry is assisting families in the poorest areas of Egypt, Upper Egypt. Working with two churches with plans to increase to 70 churches, they will have the capacity to assist 200-300 families per year. The loans in this program are larger. Currently, 18 families have received loans up to $5,000 for rug weaving, sewing, painting, and clothing and shoes manufacturing.

Currently, this partner regularly meets with a group of refugees from Syria and Sudan with more expected from Sudan soon. They are Muslim families that have no one to turn to for help. Many are becoming Christ-followers through his engagement. He funds this from any resources he can scrape together. He has no partners to help and is struggling to be consistent with the monthly meetings, support, and family counseling. Chase Oaks plans to come alongside for the needed support. About 60 refugee families will be assisted at any one time.

Currently, this partner meets with a small group of addicts regularly. He mentors and assists a few to shake their addictions by attending a six-month retreat center. There are many more the partner wants to help, mainly friends of those already assisted. Most are drug addicts and have lost everything. Throughout this process, most become sober and Christ-followers and can reengage with their families. With funding, 8-10 addicts per year will be able to go through the rehabilitation program.