Coronavirus Update




Because of the recent rise in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, we are delaying ReGather, including our in-person campus worship services and our training weekends, to a time when the rate of infection slows down – hopefully sometime this fall. We made this difficult decision to keep everyone safe and to make sure we can provide a quality experience that our neighbors and friends would want to attend.

If you would like more information about out ReGather plans or if you would like to join a campus team and help make ReGather happen for adults, kids, or students please check out our Countdown to ReGather page.


Campus Teams will begin meeting on Sundays in July, beginning July 26, to prepare and practice creating a safe environment for our friends and neighbors. If you would like to make it happen at Chase Oaks, we would love for you to join one of our teams. Find out more about Campus Teams

As of now, here’s the plan.

1: We are moving Phase 1 back two weeks to begin on the weekend of July 26. Phase 1 will be an opportunity for our teams to regather so they can learn new procedures, plan, and prepare. Phase 1 will last two weekends.

2: Phase 2 is when we open our doors and ReGather (with a new sense of normal). Currently we are still planning to ReGather on August 7-9 weekend.

We are watching closely the latest reports on the pandemic and we are consulting with dozens of other churches and community organization. Please note that since things are so fluid right now, the above dates might change.

Please check our countdown to ReGather page for the latest information and updates


Plans are underway for us to safely gather again for weekend services, Kidzone, and LIFT.

Stage 1: Campus Teams will begin meeting on Sundays in July, beginning July 26, to prepare and practice creating a safe environment for our friends and neighbors. If you would like to make it happen at Chase Oaks, we would love for you to join one of our teams. Find out more about Campus Teams here.

Stage 2: We will regather and open our doors to friends and neighbors beginning the weekend of August 7-9. Throughout the next few weeks, you will learn much more about what our new normal will look like for adults, kids, and students. We are working hard to create environments that are both safe and compelling for your whole family.

Let us hear from you. As we make our plans to regather in August, we would love to hear from you and know your comfort level with coming back to church. Your input is valuable as we work toward making sure everyone feels safe in all of our spaces. You can email us .


Resuming Large In-Person Gatherings at Chase Oaks

In prayerful consideration of the guidance health experts have provided, our mission as a church, and our ability to do large gatherings in an engaging and effective way, here is our current plan to resume large gatherings (services) at our physical campuses:

Online Through June: We will continue to meet together online through June. You may notice a small studio audience in our worship room as part of this phase. This small studio audience is limited to staff people who are there to help create a better online experience. Feel free to meet in smaller gatherings for connection and for outreach while keeping with current social distancing guidelines.

Phase One: Online Plus Team Member Training. In Phase One, ministry leaders and participants in our live services will physically gather together at every Chase Oaks campus to get us ready for our “new normal”. This will be a limited group who will follow CDC protocols and help us be ready for our next phase of doing church. If you want to participate in these live gatherings, all you have to do is sign up to be a team member to help make the various Chase Oaks ministries happen! Your Campus Pastor will be communicating with each ministry team to let them know which week they are invited to participate. Also, during this time, there will be various social distancing opportunities to gather outside of our weekend services. Stay in touch for those.

Phase Two: Online Plus In-Person Services in a New Normal. Our plan is to resume in-person services the weekend of August 7-9 at each campus, which coincides with the start of most of our local schools later that week. We will follow the CDC guidelines to regulate the “new normal” of gathering at our campuses, and we will be committed to gathering in a way that is safe and engaging. All age groups will resume physical gatherings, including Kidzone, Studio 56, and Student Ministry. This is our “plan” that we are shooting for. That said, we will adjust that plan as needed as circumstances and guidance change, so don’t get overly locked into this specific date.


Great question! August does feel like a long time away. A few big reasons we don’t want to open too soon:

  • Love for Our Community. Resuming large gatherings too soon could jeopardize lives and the reputation of Christianity in our community. We are “here for good” people as Jesus-followers, not “here for us” people. Opening large gatherings too soon at the potential cost of lives could easily be seen as self-serving by the community we are called to reach.
  • A Good Experience. We want the experience to be a great one for kids and adults and for our friends we invite when we do resume. Right now, the stringent social distancing requirements would make it a bad experience for everyone and would be far too limiting in a church our size and with our mission of creating a “come as you are” atmosphere. Until Kidzone can feel like Kidzone, LIFT can feel like LIFT, and Chase Oaks worship can feel like Chase Oaks worship, we will continue to meet online.
  • Stewardship of Energy and Resources. Chase Oaks is not closed—in fact, we are more open than ever! We have reached exponentially more people online in this time than we could have ever hoped to reach. There has never been an easier and more open time for the friends we invite to say yes to online church. Trying to meet too soon would take most of our energy and resources to do something that would be very limited and ineffective and would cause us to reach far less people than we can reach by improving our online experience and continuing to invite friends and neighbors to participate. Now is also a crucial time to be on mission outside the walls of our church buildings to meet the growing needs in our community.
  • Continue to prioritize our online services and invite friends. No doubt some screen fatigue has set in, so let’s push through that to continue to worship God, apply His truth to our lives, and reach our friends.
  • Be a “here for good” person in your neighborhood and among your social network.
  • Commit to your small group or join one if you aren’t in a group.
  • Let us know your needs and prayer requests because we are here for each other.

Thank you also for your continued financial generosity to Chase Oaks, allowing us to do all we are doing to impact our community.

Yes. We are planning a couple of social distancing gatherings through the summer that will be really fun and impactful. Stay tuned so that you do not miss one of these. They will be fun and meaningful for the whole family. Also, as you feel comfortable, feel free to gather in small groups that are in keeping with the CDC guidelines at the time.

Volunteer to be part of the crew that “makes it happen” at Chase Oaks. If you would like to serve on one of our ministry teams or for more information, click here.


We will be following the CDC guidelines that are current at the time, and we will also be learning from our YMCA partnership and the school systems. We will work very hard to make sure everything is clean, safe, and fun for kids when we are able to resume Kidzone. Doing Kidzone in our new normal will require more volunteers than before, so please consider serving to help make Kidzone a great experience.

Nope! We don’t know how the pandemic will develop over the next few months or how guidelines might change in response. Therefore, our plan to resume church services is an “open-handed” one, so be sure to stay informed via this page or the Need To Know weekly email.

Yes! We were online before the pandemic, and in fact, our online attendance was growing very rapidly. We will continue to have an online campus and devote more resources to make our online church services and digital ministry increasingly effective. Even when we resume our in-person services at our campuses, please know we will be there when you are ready to return. But also know you can have a great experience online until you do feel ready.


Hey There, Chase Oaks!

After Governor Abbott’s announcement this week about beginning to reopen Texas, you may be wondering what that means for us gathering together again on the weekends. I cannot wait to gather in person again, and it is fun to even think about that as a concept!

With that being said, we want to consider any kind of public gatherings very carefully. Everything we do as Jesus’ church is governed by love, and we appreciate the governor encouraging us, as churches, to take our role in stopping the spread of the coronavirus very seriously. This helps protect the most vulnerable in our community. He asked us to hold any services or activities remotely whenever possible, and we agree with that directive. This confirms what we had already decided: All of our large-group gatherings, including church services and LIFT, will be online only at least through May.

After May, we will talk about how we might be able to begin to do some of what we do a little differently. We are working with about 30 other churches in North Dallas to coordinate our plans as to how and when we might begin to reopen some of our physical gatherings, including small groups. Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks.

Our primary guiding principle in these decisions will be LOVE. Even as we gain more freedom to meet, we will navigate those choices with this biblical principle in mind: Love always guides and limits liberty. Just because we are allowed to do something doesn’t mean that we should. As long as there is an elevated risk to the most vulnerable in our society with any large gatherings, we will sacrifice doing so for the sake of our neighbors we are called to love. In short, as we make decisions in the weeks and months ahead, the Jesus principle is to do what love demands.

Throughout the next few months, it will be exciting to consider increasing physical connection again over time, but I am also super thankful for how God is using our ability to gather online. Our mission is to connect the 800,000 unchurched people in our community to a transforming relationship with Jesus, and we have been able to reach thousands of more people online than we would have ever dreamed of reaching in person before all this started. Please be praying for all those who are new to church and new to Jesus. Pray they will take next steps on their journey.

God is also using this season to significantly expand our outreach into the community, and over the next few weeks, you will hear about some major new initiatives to be “here for good” in our community that will forever change how we do church and how others view Christianity. Amazing how God uses a crisis to further His mission!

Also, many of you have asked about how the church is doing financially. Since COVID-19, we have seen some decline in giving, but we have been able to manage expenses, with savings from not meeting physically, to offset that decline. Through the generosity of so many of you, we have been able to see this as an opportunity to channel resources where they can do the most good in our community and care for the needs of Chase Oaks people. Once we gather, expenses will increase, and we will need to reassess our approach and make the necessary adjustments. Overall, we are very thankful for God’s provision and your faithfulness in this time, and we are also seeing people new to our church beginning to give since this all started.

These are crazy and difficult times to be sure, but Jesus created the church for times such as these. He calls us to demonstrate the love of Jesus in tangible ways and to make His message known. And there is not a better time than right now to be who He has called us to be. Let’s continue to love and care for each other and to spill that love over toward an anxious world. God is at work and “way to go” for joining Him in all He is up to.

Please know I love you and am thankful to be navigating this season with you,

Jeff Jones
Senior Pastor


As of April 24, Chase Oaks Church will continue to be online through the month of May. We will be evaluating June and July over the next several weeks and will keep you posted here.


As of today, Chase Oaks Church will be online through April.


All Chase Oaks offices and campus locations will be closed through Easter, but our staff is working every day from home to serve our church and our community well. If you have any questions, please call us at 972.783.8800 during our regular office hours (Monday-Thursday, 8 AM-5 PM, and Friday, 8 AM-Noon) or email us anytime at .

You can join us online for weekend worship at Chase Oaks Online on Fridays, 7:00 PM, or Sundays, 9:30 and 11:15 AM.

Also, please let us know if you have a need or if there is a specific way we can pray for you by filling out one of the forms below.



Dear Chase Oaks Church,

We are moving online! In consideration of the public health concerns related to COVID-19, we will not be hosting weekend services (including Kidzone, Studio 56, and LIFT) at any of our Chase Oaks locations for the next three weeks beginning today, March 13. We will also not be hosting any onsite gatherings (e.g., groups, events, programming, and childcare) at any of our campuses through the month of March.

Our worship services will be available online through Chase Oaks Online on Sunday mornings at 9:30 and 11:15 AM at and’s particularly important for you to join us online this Sunday.

Instead of the planned message I had for this weekend in our Ordinary Heroes series, I want to share a few thoughts about this cultural moment and the opportunity we have to trust in God during this time and demonstrate His love toward our neighbors. We will also share some other plans we have to stay engaged with you and your family during this season. Please join us this Sunday morning.

If someone asks why your church is choosing to respond to this crisis by closing its doors, here is my response.

  • We want to be wise, so we are following the guidelines and suggestions from organizations such as the CDC, state and county health departments, and our local school districts. We realize that most of us won’t get COVID-19, and if we do, most of us who are healthy will recover just fine. However, for those in our community who are older and for those with other health challenges that compromise their ability to fight the disease, it won’t be so easy. So, we are following wise council and doing what we can to arrest the spread of this disease.
  • We are here for good. We are not here for ourselves; we are here for others. Whatever we can do to flatten the curve of this pandemic, we want to do. We are loving our neighbors by protecting our neighbors. Closing our doors for our weekend services is not a decision made out of fear but out of responsibility.

Hope to be able to connect with you online this weekend,

Jeff Jones
Senior Pastor


Weekend services moving online to Fridays at 7:00 PM and Sundays at 9:30 and 11:15 AM. See below for links to Chase Oaks Online.






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If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 972.783.8800 during regular office hours (M-Th, 8 AM-5 PM, and F, 8 AM-Noon) or email us at .