As the former student pastor at the Legacy Campus, Sloan Creek Campus Pastor Jeremy LeBlanc has made his mark at Chase Oaks Church. Although he has been around Chase Oaks for a while, here are a few things you might not know about him!

Growing Up

Growing up in south Louisiana in a town called Gonzales, Jeremy learned a lot of valuable lessons and was impacted by many people. His first job was for a wrecker service company (imagine Jeremy and tow trucks). While it taught him the value of hard work, he quickly realized that this wasn’t what he wanted to do with the rest of his life.

Pursuing Ministry

In 2013, Jeremy’s life changed when he decided to give his life to Christ at Chase Oaks Church.

He remembers, “Sitting in a sermon given by Jeff Jones—he taught ‘Jesus + Nothing = Everything,’ and for the first time in my life, I decided to stop trying to do it on my own.

This decision completely changed his life and continues to every day.

Taking this simple step of faith, Jeremy recognizes, “It allowed me to see the beauty, power, and freedom of accepting God is in control.

After encountering Jesus, Jeremy and his wife began serving in Student Ministry at Chase Oaks while taking classes at Dallas Theological Seminary. At that point, he felt God telling him to prepare for what was coming, but little did he know what that meant!

Fulfilling His Calling

Three years later, Jeremy got a call from the high school pastor saying that he was leaving Chase Oaks for another church. After that conversation, Jeremy got a sense of peace and confidence about becoming the new high school pastor.

Jeremy joined the Chase Oaks staff in November of 2016 as the high school pastor at the Legacy Campus in Plano, TX. After three years of faithfully serving and working in ministry, Executive Pastor Jack Warren invited him to prayerfully consider leaving Student Ministry to become the new Sloan Creek campus pastor.

Following God’s path for his family, he said yes and moved to the Sloan Creek Campus that serves the Allen/Fairview/McKinney community.

Meeting His Partner in Crime

Before discovering his calling to pursue ministry, Sloan Creek Campus Pastor Jeremy LeBlanc met his wife, Erin, at a birthday party for her cousin who just happened to be one of his friends!

At the time, Jeremy lived in Louisiana and was about to move to Phoenix, AZ. Erin lived in Texas but was attending school in Colorado. They both traveled to Birmingham, Alabama, for the birthday party.

After meeting at the party, they returned to their own states and started a long-distance relationship for two years. In 2011, they got married and began their life together!

Describing how his wife encouraged and supported him in his pursuit of ministry, Jeremy recalls, “She is the reason we started going to Chase Oaks and the reason we plugged into serving in Student Ministry.

Five Fun Facts About Our Sloan Creek Campus Pastor

1. Favorite Food

He loves pizza and jambalaya (like a true Louisiana-ine).

2. Favorite Time of the Year

Jeremy loves cool weather! Give him hoodie-wearing temperatures and a fire, and he’s a happy guy!

On why he loves cooler weather, Jeremy says, “I like the crispness of the morning and the calmness of the night that leads to either great conversation or reflective thinking.”

3. First Concert

Reba McEntire!! Who knew Jeremy had such love for the heart of country?! Sadly, he has left his country roots behind him.

4. Favorite Sport

As a true Louisiana native, Jeremy’s favorite sports teams are the New Orleans Saints and Louisiana State University’s Tigers (fan of the color gold much?).

5. Three Things Jeremy Is Loving Right Now

Jeremy says the top three things he loves right now are being a father to his two-year-old, Hayden, being a husband to Erin, and The Great British Baking Show on Netflix.

If you are living in the Allen/Fairview/McKinney community, Sloan Creek Campus Pastor Jeremy LeBlanc would to love to connect with you this weekend at one of the campus’ three services. This weekend, we will take a fresh look at Jesus Christ in our current sermon series, Unexpected Jesus.