What Is the Good Complex?

Posted by Greg Holmes, Pastor of the Arts and Cultural Engagement, on Dec 01, 2021

What Is the Good Complex?

What if, in a world animated by fear, anger and isolation, there was a space that focused on all of the good that is happening around us?

And what if, in a culture that often sees the church as a part of the problem, there was a space to highlight stories of Jesus followers who are engaged in acts of service, surprising love, and gracious conversation over important cultural topics?

The Good Complex is that kind of space, and one that we need more than ever.

Multiple polls and studies point to a sobering fact. When people outside of the Christian faith look into the church and describe what they see, they don’t often talk about finding surprising love, acceptance, generosity, and radical grace.

This view mirrors a broader cultural trend in which the focus has been squarely on the negative. The Christian community is no exception. One of the biggest casualties in this trend is the reputation of Christianity itself.

Ironically, Jesus told His followers to love others in the same way that He loved them, with a radical, generous, surprising, self-sacrificing love. Jesus went on to say that when His followers do that, people will recognize them as His disciples. He cared not just that they love others, but about the way they love others.

No question about it: the church can do a better job of loving others as Christ did. And it can also do a better job highlighting the good that is already happening in the world while helping to change false narratives about the Christian community.

That’s what The Good Complex is all about. It’s a space for celebrating kindness, learning, and growth. It provides an online storehouse of stories and conversations, with access to a steady dose of inspiring articles that keep the focus on the good.

The Good Complex is also launching a podcast this week, available at www.thegoodcomplex.com, YouTube, and most other places you typically find your podcasts.

These first episodes capture conversations with people who are putting love into action, including

  • A person with a story of radical forgiveness
  • Non-profit leaders who are supporting vulnerable populations
  • People who have chosen to be live kidney donors, and
  • A media professional who knows both the dangers of focusing on negativity and how to overcome them.

While The Good Complex is sponsored by Chase Oaks, it’s not really for Chase Oaks. It’s for a wider community that leans toward skepticism.

Will you help get the word out about this new and much-needed resource?

There are three easy ways to engage with The Good Complex:

  1. Check out the website and podcast (make sure to like and subscribe on YouTube).
  2. Follow us on social media (check out Instagram and Facebook).
  3. Share with your friends, family, and social networks.

Our hope is that The Good Complex becomes the start of a movement of people who are here for good and desire to share a different, and truer, story of what Christianity is all about.

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