VBX 2022: A "Monumental" Week

Posted on Jun 21, 2022

VBX 2022: A "Monumental" Week

What happens when you combine hundreds of kids, dozens of volunteers, countless hours of prayer and preparation, and a powerful, loving God during four evenings in mid-June? You get Chase Oaks VBX 2022: Monumental, a fun-filled time for kids to enjoy games, snacks, crafts, skits, and Bible lessons while learning more about our mighty God. Having recovered from this "monumental" week, a few of our hard-working KIDS CO. staff share some highlights from VBX 2022, below:

How did you see God show up this week?

Lisa Debusk (Legacy Campus): I saw God show up in every smile on every person. I saw God when I heard a child or a parent talk about how much fun was had and how he/she couldn’t wait to come back the next day! I saw God on Facebook when I read a mom talk about how her son had begun asking questions about what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus.

Stephanie Cannon (Richardson Campus): I saw God’s presence in the enthusiasm of the leaders. So many served with such joy in an environment that was outside their comfort zone!

Jamie McPhail (Woodbridge Campus): Allowing some kids we have with high anxiety feel comfortable enough to join in and even join the stage at one point. Our teen leaders stepping up and taking more prominent roles with the kids. Our hosts, Katie & Dana, not only being in charge of ALL decorations, but also agreeing to host AND teach a lesson/lead a small group.

What was something unexpected (good or bad) that happened and then ended up being really cool?

Lisa: On Thursday, a family came from a church that is putting on the same VBX as we did, but doing it this week. I had spoken to the woman on the phone and told her that I knew for sure that they could have the decorations from the stage, but not sure if anything else was worthy of a second use. When the family got here, I was able to tell them that there was SO MANY things that had been used as decorations (posters, vinyl banners, etc.) that we also wanted them to have! The father is the pastor of a small, Spanish-speaking church and the whole family came to help. They reminded me of the Vega family at Chase Oaks….all ready to work! And they were so appreciative of the things we had.

Stephanie: We had over two dozen people from three different campuses help with the stage décor over the span of two weeks. It was amazing connecting with people and seeing something come together. It ended up being a great time of community as we worked to cut, paint, and assemble props. Perhaps the biggest payout for me was that our effort was able to not only benefit the VBX that took place at Legacy campus but also another local church in Garland that was gifted our décor.

Jamie: Darby and family ended up missing the last day due to illness. That allowed other leaders to step up and help out. Todd jumped in and ended up having a blast leading Grade 3. And we had a family willing to jump in and help even when they weren't originally helping with VBX. So many leaders banded together to make this a memorable VBX for the kids.

Who is a volunteer you want to spotlight, and why?

Lisa: I would love to highlight Robert Treviño. He communicated the Bible story daily for the kids in grades 3 and 4. He was prepared, excited, and especially wonderful at communicating the truth of God’s Word in an engaging way. He was full of life and love for the students.

Stephanie: Victoria, the camp nurse, was from Richardson. She was asked to consider serving during the last wave of recruitment and despite children not being her preferred ministry, she really stepped out of her comfort zone to serve. I was impressed with her ability to see the vision of the event and to serve in what at times was a detriment to her natural inclinations.

Jamie: There are so many! We couldn't have pulled off VBX without them. But to name a few: Dana Wilkin & Katie Cave (for reasons stated above). Adrian Jones & Kimberly Parker (for helping with a distraught kid and helping them turn their week around for the better).

We love kids! To find out more about our children's ministry, look here.

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