When COVID-19 began to spread in the United States, Brynn Goldsmith knew she wanted to help in some way, but she was unsure how to get started when everything suddenly became virtual. With some thought and creativity, she found a way to spread encouragement to her community and support our frontline workers.

An Idea to Support Frontline Workers

“The doctors and nurses have really been on my mind during this hard time,” said Brynn. “They have been sacrificing so much to help those with the illness and I knew I wanted to help them in some way.”

Brynn is a pre-dental student at Oklahoma State University and says she looks up to healthcare professionals for their selflessness. Then she realized that she could write them encouraging letters.

She reached out to her friends and fellow students and collected 21 letters for frontline workers. At first, Brynn said it was difficult to find the right person to contact to help get the letters delivered. Then she watched Chase Oaks’ online service and saw they were giving care packages to doctors and nurses at local hospitals that contained letters of appreciation.

Messages of Hope

The letters were written for hope and encouragement. Brynn and her friends were hoping to bring a moment of joy to our frontline workers during these difficult times.

“Lots of the letters included Bible verses and contact information if any individuals wanted to contact us. It was very exciting to see everyone take their own perspective on these events and how they put their own personal spins on each of the letters,” said Brynn. “I hope that these letters give the healthcare providers at least a smile and hope in the future!”

Get Involved

To get started with your own project, Brynn encourages people to start thinking about how you can help out in your community, virtually or with social distancing, of course!

To find out how you can serve your community and make a difference virtually, visit our Serve Page.