Becoming Friends

Debbie Denham and Cindy Cheng became friends through their sons, Garrett and Noah, who have been in school together since Kindergarten. Their friendship grew closer as Debbie invited Cindy and her family to Chase Oaks, and they decided to make it their church home.

Doing the Unexpected With Friends

So, when #LoveDoesTheUnexpected was announced this past April, Debbie suggested that they join forces to do something special for those serving in the Allen community. The friends wanted to put together some type of gifts or treats for a special group of people.

As Cindy explained, “We wanted our kids to be part of this, so we presented the ideas, the kids discussed them, and then they made the final decision on who should receive the gifts.”

After scouring Target and Costco for some sweet and salty treats, it was time to assemble their gift baskets. Debbie and her sons, Garrett and Trent, met for dinner with Cindy, her husband, Scott, and their kids, Noah and Hope. They filled four extra-large totes and baskets to give to their selected groups.

The friends and their families then went together in the evening to bless the staff at Victoria Gardens of Allen (senior nursing care) as well as the nurses in the Maternity Ward, the ICU, and the ER at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Allen. Their goal was to recognize some of those serving during the evening and night shifts that don’t always get noticed when visiting hours are over.

Making a Difference With Friends

One of the staff members at Victoria Gardens was also from Chase Oaks and immediately understood why the families had come to share! All the recipients were pleased to receive their baskets and the gift of being appreciated for their service. The experience was both fun and rewarding for the families, and they agreed that they would like to continue this tradition again around the holidays.

As teachers and students go back to school this week, think about ways you and your friends can do something unexpected for teachers and staff members at your local schools. For other ideas of how love can do the unexpected, check out our list of how love does the unexpected on our website.