Come as you are. Be transformed. Make a difference. Chase Oaker Katie Motley grew up hearing these statements at church. However, she would not completely understand the connection between “be transformed” and “make a difference” until she made a decision that changed the trajectory of her life.

Katie Motley has been attending Chase Oaks Church since she was very young. Although she has been a part of Chase Oaks for a long time, she was not very involved in the church until her sophomore year of high school—when she took a step of faith out of her comfort zone.

Growing up, Katie looked up to her older sister, who frequently participated in mission trips, so Katie decided she should participate, too. She signed up for a mission trip to Jamaica, thinking she was meeting the expectations of the people around her.

As she was getting ready to embark on her adventure, Katie admitted, “I went expecting I was gonna be this huge blessing to all of these people and that I was gonna do great things, which is true. We did do those things. But the biggest change I saw that year was in myself.”

Watch the video to see how going on a mission trip to Jamaica completely transformed Katie Motley’s outlook on life!

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