Tattooing is more than just an art form. It is a lifestyle. To promote their work, tattoo artists spend their time traveling and attending events and parties. Promotions and parties expose many artists to alcohol and drugs, making them susceptible to addiction.

Captivated by the artist’s lifestyle, Tattoo Artist Mikie Hansen became entangled in the world of alcohol and drugs. This world took him down a dark road, almost leading to complete destruction and devastation. Because of his addictions, Mikie became ill, and his major organs began shutting down.

Seeing his physical health deteriorate, one of Mikie’s friends took him to a detox center where he struggled with completing mundane tasks such as walking and eating by himself. Mikie and his family did not know if he would recover. But Mikie knew he had two choices: he could continue drinking, which would lead to death, or he could make a change, which would lead to restoration.

“When it was a time for a change was when I didn’t have anything. I didn’t have anything,” Mikie described the moment he had to make a crucial decision about his future. “My health was horrible, my family was just—they were shocked, they didn’t know what was gonna happen from there.”

October 27, 2016, was his first day of sobriety and when he realized he needed to completely change his lifestyle. However, he was unsure of how to navigate the road to recovery. He was unsure of how to live life without drugs and alcohol. He was unsure of how to move forward when he had become accustomed to the artist’s lifestyle.

Uncertain of his future, Mikie felt scared and alone. Knowing he needed help to recover from his addictions, he joined a God-based program, Alcoholics Anonymous, where he realized his need for a relationship with God. He knew he could not travel this road alone. Therefore, when his longtime friend, Chase Oaker Rodney Carrera, invited him to Chase Oaks Church, he accepted an invitation that would change his life forever.

Watch the video to see Mikie Hansen’s transformation after encountering God on his road to recovery!

Like Mikie Hansen, many of us struggle with some form of addiction. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, check out Renew:Me, a program that offers support and encouragement in a small-group setting. No one has to fight addiction alone!