Three Ways for Women to Connect at Chase Oaks

Posted by Lori Eubanks, Central Women's Groups Pastor, on Feb 09, 2020

Three Ways for Women to Connect at Chase Oaks

Women are busy. It doesn’t matter what stage of life you are in. And chances are you probably need some time to connect with others and to simply relax. The good news is we have a season filled with ways for women to connect at Chase Oaks and to schedule some much-needed self-care time.

Whether you are a mom of young kids, an empty nester, or a young professional, we have some great ways for women to connect at Chase Oaks and to recharge that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Three Ways for Women to Connect at Chase Oaks

IF:Chase Oaks

Inspired by the question, “If God is real, then what,” Bestselling Author Jennie Allen founded the IF:Gathering, a gathering where women come together to learn more about God and get inspired to live out their faith every day. If God is real, then we must tell others about Him. We must disciple a generation.

Since its first launch in 2014, IF:Gathering has featured compelling speakers that share their stories and how they are living out their calling to change the world. This year, Chase Oaks will be bringing the IF:Gathering to our Sloan Creek Campus.

IF:Chase Oaks is a simulcast of the IF:Gathering and is a two-day event that takes place on Friday, February 28-Saturday, February 29. This year’s theme is focusing fully and completely on Jesus: who He is, what He promises, who He loves (everyone!), and what it means to have a relationship with Him.

We will spend time connecting to each other, listening to amazing speakers, sharing some food and fun, and engaging in lively discussions over relevant topics for women today. This will be an event you and your friends won’t want to miss!

The cost is $45. Childcare will not be available for this event. There is limited seating, so register today! We look forward to seeing you there!

Women’s Bible Study

Women’s Bible study is a great way for women to connect at Chase Oaks. Women from all walks and stages of life will gather to learn more about Jesus and grow closer together.

This spring, we will be doing the study, Miracles of Jesus: A Study of What Jesus Makes Possible. And a bonus is that some of the featured speakers will be from the IF:Gathering. So, if you come to IF:Chase Oaks, you might get to hear from one of your favorite speakers again!

Throughout this study, we will discover how Jesus responds to our needs, calms our storms, offers peace, intervenes in the impossible, knows our hunger, conquers death, and empowers us. It will be a great opportunity to get to know Jesus in a very real way.

We will have multiple locations hosting our women’s Bible study, so pick the campus and time that is convenient for you! On Tuesdays (morning and evening), women will meet at the Legacy Campus. On Wednesdays, our Woodbridge Campus will host a group in the morning and evening, and our Richardson Campus will host a group in the evening only. On Thursdays (morning and evening), women will gather at our Sloan Creek Campus.

Women’s Bible study begins in March. The cost is $20 per person (includes materials). Childcare is available at each campus for a small fee. Check out our website to find out more details or to register today.

MOMS Connection

If you are a mom of young kids or are currently expecting, we have a great group of women for you to connect with at Chase Oaks Church. They will come alongside you and support you through this challenging, yet rewarding, journey of motherhood.

MOMS Connection is a group of women that meet twice a month (September-May) to enjoy breakfast, listen to a wonderful speaker, and learn from one another through a great discussion. There is a “mentor mom” at each table who has experienced these challenging (yet awesome) years and lived to tell about it! All of this happens while your kids are having a great time playing together and being loved on by a wonderful team of childcare workers.

Can you imagine breakfast without kids—no one sitting on your lap, no screaming baby in the high chair, and no spilled Cheerios to clean up?!? This is a great break for moms and a great time for your kids to connect with each other, too!

Come check out MOMS Connection this summer to see if this group would be a great fit for you! We will have an event in June, July, and August this year because the women just can’t get enough of this group. And when you connect with a few moms, ask what MOMS group they are in and register for the fall!

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