Disciple Now (DNOW) is an overnight local retreat where students in Grades 7-12 will have the opportunity to spend the weekend together in worship services, community, and games. The hope for this weekend is that students’ lives will be transformed by the Gospel of Jesus and that they will be able to worship collectively with students from other churches. 

So, why should your student take a weekend away from their regular responsibilities and routine? 

Students will have an opportunity to connect with others.

Students in Grades 7-12 will gather from all campuses to worship and learn about Jesus together! Every week, students go to their respective campuses to be together but rarely are they all combined at one event. DNOW allows for students to go out and meet people who they may not have met otherwise. 

Friendships are made, and healthy community is formed. DNOW provides a space for students to be open to meeting people and expanding their friend groups and opens the door for real conversation. Leaders notice that DNOW provides a space for students to let their guard down or “take the mask off” in order to get real with others about issues they struggle with. These connections create a lasting impact on students’ lives. 

Students will experience transformation.

Not only is DNOW a place for students to connect with each other, it is an event that revolves around growing their understanding of who Jesus is! It’s amazing how Jesus can transform so many lives through this one event. 

Katy Bailey, Student Pastor at Sloan Creek, shared with us that she asked a group of students to share their testimonies and “8 out 10 of them expressed that DNOW was how God chose to draw them to Himself.” 

Students will have a BLAST at DNOW.

DNOW is an event that students look forward to every year! While DNOW is a place for spiritual growth, it is also an event that is jam-packed with a lot of fun! There will be plenty of games throughout the whole weekend on top of the fact that they are each having a giant sleepover with their small group! Students have a blast watching and participating in the on-stage activities. Skits, songs, and contests will be the cherry on top of this awesome weekend. 

Your student does not want to miss out on DNOW 2020! Registration is now open. If you sign your student up before January 1, it’s only $55, but after the new year, it goes up to $75. Register for DNOW 2020 today!