Three DIY Christmas Decorations You Can Make This Holiday

Posted by Jennifer Rogers, Contributing Writer, on Dec 17, 2020

Three DIY Christmas Decorations You Can Make This Holiday

As we approach the last week of Advent, some of us are busy with Christmas decorations and gift wrapping to conclude our countdown to the big day. Many of us are wondering how to incorporate some meaningful and fun time with loved ones after a challenging year. There is still time to make decorations with your family that you can use this Christmas and beyond. So gather your loved ones for some screen-free creativity in this last week before Christmas. Here are three DIY decor ideas, along with a list of needed supplies:

1. Christmas Wreaths

Christmas wreaths are one of the most popular Christmas decorations. Even people who might not deck out their house in Christmas decorations will still hang a wreath on their door. Some of us buy fresh wreaths every year. Some of us use pre-lit wreaths we bought from the store. Some of us get creative and make our own wreath. No matter what type of wreath you prefer, think about making a wreath with your family this Christmas, so you can hang it on your door year after year!

To make your own Christmas wreath, you will need some type of wreath frame, whether it’s a plain pine branch wreath, a wire wreath frame, or a Styrofoam wreath. You can purchase these wreath frames at your local craft store (such as Hobby Lobby and Michaels) or online. The frame you choose might depend on the type of decorations you want to put on your wreath. For example, if you want to add some pine cones and holly to your wreath, a plain pine wreath might be the right frame for you. Or if you want to use tinsel or Christmas ornaments, a Styrofoam wreath might be a better fit.

After deciding on your theme and wreath frame, get some craft supplies to decorate your wreath. You can make a fun, simple wreath with Christmas ornaments, jingle bells, and tinsel that even the kids can help you decorate! Or you can make a traditional wreath with pine cones and Christmas lights, or with ribbons and poinsettias. If your family loves sports, you can get sports-related decorations such as ribbons the color of your favorite team, football cutouts, and mini pennants. If you are not the crafty type, you can even get out family photos (and ask your family to bring family photos, too) and make a wreath collage for your house. The important thing is to have the supplies you need on hand for when it's time to put together your special wreath.

When your wreaths are ready to go, display them, or store them in a safe place with your Christmas decorations to use for next year. Or you can even use it as a gift for someone special in your family! To get ideas for DIY Christmas wreaths your family can make together, check out 50+ Festive Do-It-Yourself Christmas Wreath Ideas.

2. Ornaments

Christmas ornaments are another popular and easy Christmas decoration your family can make. Each person can make their own ornament that they can take with them for their own tree. This craft can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be! To make most ornaments, you will need to buy clear, plastic or glass ornaments. Get your hot glue gun and paintbrushes ready to go! Depending on the type of ornaments you want to make, some other supplies you might need are:
  • ribbon
  • pom poms
  • beads and pearls
  • mini Christmas decorations such as Christmas trees
  • faux snow
  • cotton balls
  • paint
  • glitter glue
If you do not want to deal with all the craft supplies, you can also make cinnamon ornaments and cut out the dough into different shapes such as gingerbread men, Christmas trees, and stockings. For a simple dough recipe, check out Cinnamon Ornaments. To decorate the ornaments, you will need royal icing, glitter glue, and small beads. To hang the ornaments, you will need ribbon.

To personalize this craft, children can make handprint ornaments. For handprint ornaments, you can bake your own clay or buy kits at the store. Small children can simply do a handprint and write the year on the top (with your help). For older children, check out Santa Handprint Ornaments to see how they can transform their handprints into Santa Claus.

To personalize this Christmas decoration for adults, have them use memorabilia from one of their family vacations such as seashells collected on the beach or small trinkets purchased in a little tourist shop. Be sure to include the year on the outside of the ornament! For more ideas, check out 15 DIY Christmas Ornaments.

3. Prayer Garland

Prayer garlands can be a Christmas decoration that bring extra meaning to your holiday. When you gather with loved ones on Christmas Eve and Christmas, each person can write a person's name, ministry, or a specific prayer request on a strip of construction paper (or a couple of strips). As each person fills out a strip of paper, you can staple the strips together to create a prayer garland. After a few people have filled out strips, assemble the garland and hang it up.

You can make one long prayer garland or several smaller ones. At the end of the night, have each person take turns pulling the garland apart and praying for each request.

For supplies, have strips of red and green construction paper cut out along with a few sharpies (or washable markers for the children) to write their prayer requests. To assemble the strips, you will need a stapler with plenty of staples to attach each strip of paper to the garland. If this craft is a hit, next year you can make homemade prayer garlands at the beginning of the Christmas season. Then, every day of the Advent season, you can pull one (or a few) strips of paper from the garland and pray over the person, ministry, or situation.

Looking for other ways to enjoy Christmas with loved ones? Check out Jingle Jam 2020, our interactive family holiday experience, and Christmas @ Chase Oaks, our online Christmas special premiering December 20.

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