Thanksgiving is only one week away! Whether we’re hosting a Thanksgiving meal or attending one, do we know what to make? The main dish and dessert are usually fairly consistent, but it’s those tricky Thanksgiving side dishes that throw us off.

How many casseroles are appropriate for one meal? Should the number of sides equal the number of people attending the meal? Who’s dairy free and participating in keto this year? These questions can drive anyone into a panic attack.

Have no fear! We have collected some favorite Thanksgiving side dish recipes to try out this holiday season!

1. Ruth’s Chris Sweet Potato Casseroleruths-chris-sweet-potato-casserole-300x300px

Ruth’s Chris Steak House isn’t just known for their delicious steaks and fancy ambiance; it’s also known for their sweet potato casserole. Impress family and friends with a creamy sweet potato dish topped with a brown sugar and pecan crust!

Try out Ruth’s Chris Sweet Potato Casserole today!

2. Cornbread Puddingcorn-pudding-300x300px

Cornbread is one of those holiday dishes that just smells nostalgic. With only a five-minute prep time, you can leave this dish for last minute and pop it in the oven before heading out the door!

Make cornbread pudding the new staple at Thanksgiving!

3. Keto Broccoli Cheese Casserolebroccoli-casserole-300x300px

Thanksgiving meal can look different than it did even five years ago. Diets (I mean “lifestyle changes”) don’t make exceptions for the holidays anymore. A great way to be mindful is this keto version on a classic Thanksgiving side dish!

Check out this Keto-friendly broccoli cheese casserole this week!

4. Butternut Squash Soupbutternut-squash-soup-300px

Warm up any guest with an underrated holiday favorite! Butternut squash soup will be a lighter side dish to balance out the Thanksgiving meal. It’s a quick prep time and results in minimal clean up! Left with leftovers? This soup freezes extremely well!

Warm your family up with this butternut squash soup!

5. Vegetarian Cream Corn Casserolecorn-casserole-300x300px

Cream corn is a classic dish but cream corn casserole? Not one but two of our staff members include it every year in their Thanksgiving meals! Bring this super simple, super decadent dish for Thanksgiving this year!

To get the recipe, check out Paula Deen’s vegetarian cream corn casserole!

6. Carrot Soufflecarrot-souffle-300px

Now this is a personal favorite. You better believe this is is served for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter! When I was little and saw my mom steaming carrots, the last thing I thought was that it was for a dessert. Little did I know when mixed with the right ingredients, carrots could turn into a delicious and essential holiday side dish.

Don’t let this holiday season go by without trying this carrot souffle!

7. Melting Roasted Potatoesmelting-potatoes-300x300

This recipe takes the best of both potato worlds (roasted and mashed) to create the best potato side dish! These potatoes are crunchy and toasted on the outside but divinely creamy on the inside. No need for the annual roasted versus mashed potato debate this year!

Change up how you make roasted potatoes with this recipe!

8. Gluten-Free Stuffinggluten-free-stuffing-300x300

Gluten allergies are more common among families today than a few years ago. This gluten-free stuffing recipe keeps those family members or friends feeling less ostracized and more included in the meal!

Don’t leave anyone out this season, check out this gluten-free stuffing!

9. Brussels Sprouts With Baconbrussels-sprouts-bacon-300px

I know what you’re thinking, “Brussels sprouts, really?!” Don’t worry, these brussels are made with bacon, and who can resist bacon? A once despised dish becomes a family and friend favorite in an instant!

Make brussels sprouts an easy and delicious Thanksgiving side dish!

10. Cranberry Saucecranberry-sauce-300x300px

Last but not least, the ever classic cranberry sauce! With this recipe, there’s no excuse to use canned cranberry sauce ever again! In less than 30 minutes, this cranberry sauce recipe is a sure-fire way to impress your friends and family without slaving over the stove for hours.

Don’t settle for the can this year, make homemade cranberry sauce with this recipe!

Stay tuned to our blog for more ways to make this holiday season memorable and stress-free.