Standing Together on Our Knees for Racial Equality and Justice

Posted by Jennifer Rogers, Contributing Writer, on Jun 09, 2020

Standing Together on Our Knees for Racial Equality and Justice

Last week, thousands united to pray on the steps of the Collin County Courthouse in McKinney, TX. Standing Together on Our Knees, a prayer gathering hosted by One Community Church in partnership with other local churches, was a powerful display of unity as churches across Collin County came together to worship, deliver empowering messages, and listen to the pain and frustration of our friends and neighbors. It was a beautiful reflection of the Church as people from all races and denominations came together to pray for justice and against racism. Collin County residents shared their hunger for change and their desire to fight racism in our churches and communities. From small children holding the hands of their parents to young adults holding the hands of strangers, everyone came together to show their commitment to being here for good in our homes, neighborhoods, and communities. Church and community leaders talked about initiatives that would help bring the community together and help us better understand one another. One initiative that was discussed was the Unity Table where everyone is invited to sit down and have a meal with someone who doesn’t look like them. Leaders hope this will be one of many ways our community can continue discussions of equality and justice and fight racism together. After hearing speakers deliver powerful messages from the heart, the night ended on a beautiful note as thousands of voices were lifted to worship God as they sought Him to intervene and empower His Church to bring positive change to a community that is hurting and broken. The power of prayer was felt on the steps of a courthouse—steps that we hope will lead to racial equality and justice in our community.

Check out our video for a glimpse into this powerful night as so many gathered, standing together on their knees and praying for justice and against racism.

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