Some people find the prospect of telling their story to others scary. In fact, several of us will go out of our way not to share our stories. However, if you don’t take the time to share your faith story, how will people come to know Christ? Maybe they will get lucky and someone else will decide to tell their story? Then again, maybe not.

The thing about telling your faith story is that you don’t want to do it in a way that you are shoving God down people’s throat. You must be gentle in your approach. Talk about your faith as you talk about your life experiences. Think about how your experiences shaped your faith or how your faith helped guide you through your experiences. And weave these moments into your story as you share your unique journey.

When I share my faith story, I usually begin by telling the person or group what my life was like before I accepted Christ. I explain where I found my identity and my happiness. Then, I tell them how those things began to let me down. How I started to become disappointed in the life that I was living and that the happiness I once had was disappearing.

Then, I tell them how I came to know Christ. I tell them about the first time I heard the Word and how I reacted. I explain why my perspective of Christ began to change. The easy part comes when I tell them why I finally decided to accept Christ.

Once I’ve told them what my life was like before finding Christ and what it was like when I found Him, I get to share what my life is like now. I explain how much my life has changed and how I am finally truly happy. I give them specific changes in my life, attitude, how I treat others, and what I now live for. I let them know that my life isn’t perfect, and it never will be. But with God by my side, the hard times have never been easier.

Think about it this way: What questions would you ask a Christ-follower if you did not have faith? What were the questions you asked when you didn’t believe? Think about how you can incorporate these answers into your faith story.

Do not be afraid of sharing your faith story. Do not let an opportunity pass because you may be the only chance that person gets to hear how great our God is and how He transforms our lives.

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, you have a story to tell! We would love to hear about your story and share it with others at Chase Oaks. Share your story with us today!