Seeking God Together at IF:Chase Oaks 2022

Posted on Jul 05, 2022

Seeking God Together at IF:Chase Oaks 2022

On a warm Friday night in late June, more than 200 women of all ages filed into the main room at the Chase Oaks Sloan Creek Campus. Despite the wide range of backgrounds, experiences, and life circumstances, they were gathered because of one thing: a commitment to seek God together at IF:Chase Oaks 2022.

Through powerful teaching, heartfelt prayer, and dynamic worship over the next two days, these women were able to connect with one another and with God in beautiful ways. Below, attendees share just a few highlights from this two-day conference: 

1. Where/how did you see God “show up” at IF?

As a member of the planning team, I saw him show up with all the details coming together. I also LOVED watching the women on the team become friends (most had never met before the planning began). When it was over, there was a sense of “I’m going to miss working together on this!” from the group.

We also experienced cool answers to prayer, like healing for Hannah THE WEEK OF THE CONFERENCE when she was really sick and we didn’t know if she would be able to lead worship or not. The team rallied to pray for her and we saw God answer in cool ways.

I was encouraged and blown away by three individuals (one a man!) who offered to just Venmo/send me money to pay for whatever I needed or scholarships for women to attend. No strings attached – just “I’ve been blessed and want to pay it forward.” Between the three individuals, $610 was given to provide for women to go (as well as several others that had a conflict at the end and offered up their spot to “whoever needs it.”) Very cool!

The number of women that signed up to volunteer and/or bring snacks was AMAZING … God multiplied food for meals and there was MORE than enough. I loved that we were able to bless the porters and others serving with leftovers for their families (as well as make some donations to food pantries and other ministries at Chase Oaks with leftover/packaged snacks).

During the conference, I loved watching women connect and be inclusive – especially to those that came by themselves. I’ve heard amazing stories of women that were bold/brave to come and were blown away with women reaching out to include them. So very proud of the women that were “includers.”

During the prayer time – I loved seeing (from the platform and from pictures taken from the back) women gathering around each other – offering support, a touch on the shoulder or a full hug.

2. What are a few key takeaways from the weekend?

Women are really awesome. They want connection and just need to be reminded of the value of it and that it DOES TAKE WORK. Loved the “push” to BE a friend and be the one, not to wait on an invite, but to be the one TO invite.

Jennie Allen interviewed a pastor in Ukraine. As she went to end their time by praying for him and all the people suffering there, he immediately jumped in and asked her to pray for the Russian people as well (reminding her that many Russian soldiers’ lives have been lost and their families are struggling as well.) It was a humbling moment for me to remember we are to pray for those that we can see as our “enemies” (for me personally, that means those that think or act differently than me).

Loved Sadie Robertson sharing the difference between “your (my) truth” and “God’s truth.” “Your truth allows you to stay the same – THE truth/God’s truth often requires change and repentance.”

Jackie Hill Perry shared a Tim Keller quote: “An idol is anything that is more important to us than God.” (E.g., job, kids, spouse, wanting a spouse, trips/travel, social media/phones, etc.)

3. What was your favorite part of the weekend, and why?

We had a time on Saturday where we prayed over women struggling in certain areas (financial stress, mental health, marriage/family, etc.). We would throw out a topic and then had women STAND if they were struggling/needing pray over that topic. EVERYONE in the room prayed out loud together for those standing, and then a women on the platform prayed to wrap it up. It was a beautiful sound to hear the voices of women all over the room.

A woman came up to me afterwards (weeping) and said,“I have NEVER heard MY NAME in a prayer before. The woman sitting next to me, that I had just met this morning, prayed FOR ME…BY NAME. She was praying and I could just hear her saying my name over and over. It was the most overwhelming, loving feeling ever. I will never forget this day.”

I absorbed so much inspirational information from the speakers of IF. The focused time of prayer on Saturday was a huge burden lifted off of me as I heard the voices pray as I stood. I felt overwhelmed with God's presence as I also prayed for the women in need.

Focused prayer because it's how my friends discovered I don't feel as connected as I'd like. They actually worked to change that for me. However, it is extremely hard to pick a first and second. They were all woven so well together. I can't imagine enjoying the speakers without my heart being prepared by the worship. I can't imagine enjoying the discussion without having spent time in prayer and in learning from speakers who were so honest and vulnerable. I am really hard-pressed to pick only two.

The speakers and worship were amazing too, so it was hard to choose, but I loved going deep with other women. Also I always think the time of prayer is just so special and impactful.

It was a great time of introspection and helped me look at what truths I have been focusing on, the world's or the Bible.

I felt like part of a community of faith-filled women.

I feel closer to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

It was so cool to share this with some girls in my small group! They all freaked out over the verse cards with their names in them; just a totally different way to think about Scripture. i loved that the weekend was bathed in prayer. i prayed more that weekend than i had in a long time. Thank you for that opportunity!

Not able to make it to IF: Chase Oaks 2022? Wondering how to prioritize time in your busy schedule for God and other women? 

There are some great opportunities coming up this summer and fall:

  • Women’s Summer Book Club, an easy connection point offered at all Chase Oaks campuses. Register here!
  • Fall women’s studies at all campuses—stay tuned for topics and registration links!
  •  New fall groups focused on prayer* and serving together*
  • Women’s pop-up events* (fun connection over coffee, movies, and other outings around town)

*Interested in being a part or helping to plan one of these opportunities? Please let Lori Eubanks know at [email protected]

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