At Chase Oaks Church, we are so excited about our new partnership with the Second Story, a team of churches in Collin County working together for the sake of children in need of families.  It can be overwhelming and heartbreaking to think about children who have been, for whatever reason, displaced from a stable, permanent home, but we all know how passionate God is for them, and as Christ-followers, we are eager to help.  The Second Story provides a way for us to connect with Child Protective Services (CPS) so we can better come around and support children in the system, as well as their caregivers.  The best part?  Anyone can be involved!

Alex-picEach church is matched with a child—or a group of siblings—waiting for a “forever family.”  Chase Oaks was recently matched with 11-year-old Alexandria (Alex), who is in Sixth Grade.  Now, our job is to pray for and assist both her and her foster family until she is finally adopted, and to hopefully maintain our relationship with her afterwards.

That means we need volunteers to pray for Alex, her foster family, and her case worker on a regular basis.  We need volunteers to help provide consistent mentoring, to encourage her that she is loved and valued.  Second-story-blog-callout-picAnd we need volunteers to help equip her caregivers, offering them a variety of support and resources.  For example, we could help cover the costs of therapy, tutoring, extracurricular activities, summer camp, or even a day out to Six Flags or a Rangers game.

“When Alex found out about us,” said Ashli Young, one of Chase Oaks’ liaisons with the Second Story, “she asked us to be involved in her service project for school.  She wanted to collect clothes for kids her age and older to donate to a foster care clothes closet, since there are less of those kinds of donations.  We were able to do that with the awesome Ladies Bible Study group stepping up in a huge way with donations.”

But that’s not all!  The Second Story strives to facilitate adoption, to raise awareness, and to provide guidance for families who want to adopt, but don’t know where to start.  On this coming Monday, November 14, Chase Oaks Church will be hosting a Child to Family Connection Event from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. at the Legacy campus.
Ashli YoungAshli explained,

“We’re hosting a dinner event for prospective adoptive families… to feature specific children in the foster care system that are from our area who are looking for forever homes.  Their CPS caseworkers and Court-Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) workers will be present so prospective parents can hear first-hand information about these children from the people who are working with them.  For families interested in foster care and adoption, there will also be an ‘Introduction to Foster Care’ break-out session after the dinner.  About 10 adoption agencies will also be represented and have booths in the lobby.”

Everyone is welcome to attend!  Register online or simply walk in on Monday evening.

Foster care and adoption doesn’t have to be as scary or intimidating as so many people think.  Yes, there is a process involved, but all you really need is an open, loving heart.  “At the end of the day,” says Lisa Riazi, another Chase Oaks liaison with the Second Story, “we’re talking about children who need homes.  It’s very simple.”

co-staff-web-tracy-parlin-2“When this opportunity was shared with me—for us to become a part of Second Story—I was really excited,” says Tracy Parlin, Chase Oaks Legacy Campus Outreach Director.  “It’s a reflection of the church, and how we’re called to come around the most vulnerable and be a light to them…  There are so many children waiting for foster care, waiting to be adopted, and we’re hoping to help fill that gap.”  Please join us.

If you have any questions or would like more information about the Second Story, don’t hesitate to contact Ashli or Lisa at . Let’s work together to change these stories of pain and brokenness to stories of hope and healing.