As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread throughout the U.S., there is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to how schools will be reopening this fall. But the one thing we do know, whether students will be learning at home or in school, school supplies will be needed to help students and teachers be successful this school year. So, this summer, the Chase Oaks Family Center is organizing a drive-thru school supply drive, SchoolZone 2020, to be here for good for our students and teachers.

The Chase Oaks Family Center’s SchoolZone 2020 will serve families from Rasor Elementary, Rountree Elementary, Mendenhall Elementary, Terrace Elementary, Agape Resource & Assistance Center, Family Promise, and Shiloh Place. It will also support teachers from each of these Title 1 schools (i.e., schools with large concentrations of low-income students).

The Chase Oaks Family Center has different giving and serving opportunities to help make SchoolZone 2020 a success!

4 Ways to Participate in SchoolZone 2020

To be here for good for our students and teachers, here are four ways you can participate in SchoolZone this year.

1. Purchase backpacks and school supplies for students.

Many parents and students still do not know what this year is going to look like, but students from struggling families will need school supplies to be successful while learning in school or at home.

So, one way we can make a difference in these families’ lives and ease their anxiety about going back to school is to donate backpacks filled with school supplies. To help make this happen, you can just purchase backpacks and fill each with the required supplies for a specific grade level.

To practice social distancing, we will host drive-thru donation drop-offs at designated campuses. Also, we have an Amazon List you can use to shop online, and items will be shipped directly to our Legacy Campus. We also have a digital school supply list if you are shopping in-store.

Your generous donations will enable families from local schools to purchase a backpack and all of their required school supplies for only $5 per child. And this will be one less thing families will have to worry about this year.

2. Purchase miscellaneous supplies for students.

If putting backpack school supply kits together is too much to do this year, you can also just purchase any amount of miscellaneous supplies from the list (e.g., pencils, crayons, scissors, hand wipes, and watercolors). And we will put the school supply kits together for you!

For the full list of supplies, you can check out our Amazon List and our school supply list. For drive-thru donation drop-off times, check out our website.

3. Purchase supplies for teachers.

Just like students, teachers are worried about this school year and how the pandemic will affect their classrooms. And like any other year, teachers still need supplies to be prepared for school.

Oftentimes, they have to use their personal funds to provide school supplies for their students and for instructional purposes. So, to be here for good for our teachers, we can shop for supplies for their classroom.

From Expo markers and pencil sharpeners to Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer, we can purchase supplies that will complete their classroom and help create a healthy and safe environment for everyone. You can shop for teacher supplies using our Amazon List, or you can find a teacher supply list on our website if you decide to shop in-store.

Check out our website for drive-thru donation drop-off times.

4. Serve at SchoolZone 2020.

Another great resource you can give to be here for good for our students and teachers is your time. We have serving opportunities for SchoolZone 2020 at our Chase Oaks Family Center.  To help make SchoolZone 2020 happen, you can serve by sorting supplies and filling backpacks or by assisting with drive-thru supply pick-up. You can sign up to serve online.

Due to COVID-19, face masks must be worn and social distancing must be observed while serving at SchoolZone 2020. Let’s work together to love our community and keep each other healthy!

Be sure to include your family and friends in being here for good for our students and teachers. Host a neighborhood school supply drive, purchase a few backpacks for students or bags for teachers, and fill them with supplies. You can bring the supplies to one of our drive-thru donation drop-offs at a campus near you.

The Here For Good movement is about serving our neighbors and caring for the most vulnerable. Join us to make a difference in our community. Check out how you can be here for good today!