co-staff-web-dan-martinBack in September, our Sloan Creek campus launched a new Saturday service at 5:30 p.m.  The reason behind the launch according to Campus Pastor Dan Martin was:

“In short, we were full on Sunday.  Both the auditorium and our Children’s Ministry areas needed some relief.  We sent a survey out to everyone who attends Sloan Creek and the overwhelming choice for adding an additional service was Saturday evening.  The secondary reason was to offer a unique service option to folks in our community who either could not attend on a Sunday morning or were open to a less traditional feeling service time.”

They introduced the Saturday service as an 11-week trial scheduled to end the week before Thanksgiving—November 19 will be their last meeting time for 2016.  During this trial period, they’ve learned a lot shares Dan,

“The initial launch went very well.  There was a lot of buzz leading up to our first service in September, and we had a great turnout.  There have been some key things that we have learned: one would be that Saturday services have a different feel and personality than our Sunday morning services.  And we want to build on that and not feel like Saturday has to look and feel exactly like Sunday.”


Saturday Services Set to Resume on January 7

Sloan Creek will be re-launching the Saturday service at 5:30 p.m. as a permanent third service starting on January 7.  During this interim period over the holidays, Dan says they will be using the time to build anticipation, solidify all of the teams that will be needed to make it successful, and also make changes from things that have been learned in order to improve the Saturday experience overall.

Interested in Serving?

One of their main needs that they will be addressing over the holiday break will be recruiting and training additional volunteers, primarily in Children’s Ministry.  If you’d like to help out, please contact Lorri Vogel at .