Manara InternationalJeff-MLK-dayAfter a recent trip to Jordan this past May, Jeff shared about what he and a few others who traveled with him learned firsthand about the tragic refugee crisis happening in that region of the world.  As bleak as the news was, it was not without hope.  And Jeff invited Chase Oakers to give toward helping in the effort to assist with the refugees being displaced and toward a new partner in that region, Manara International, who ministers to the Iraqi Christians that have fled their country and now are living in Amman. The response was incredible as Chase Oakers generously gave over $50,000, and we recently sent this amount on to Manara for their work! Here’s a recent update from the partner director, Isam, on some of the latest news and needs coming from this region of the world.

isamghattasIsam’s response to us…

“The situation is worsening; just recently 500 families arrived into Jordan from Iraq. They have absolutely nothing, and need basic life supplies such as food, water, mattresses, clothes… etc. Here are a couple of stories of new families that have arrived in Jordan which will give you a better idea about what they have gone through. Please share these reports with the church in Texas and know that this gift will go to those who need it most. We will continue to send you reports, photos and stories of the families as they are helped from this generous gift.”

As you read these stories, pray for these families, as well as all who have escaped to Jordan. We cannot fathom what they have been through and what they will continue to experience, but we know our good God does and will minister to them through Manara and other ministries there.

The Yousef Family

Yousef FamilyThair Yousef, along with his wife and four kids (three sons and one daughter), lived in Qaraqosh. Their story is extremely saddening. ISIS militants were bombing their village and at night they fled to the closest and safest place, Erbil. On August 6, 2015, a date they cannot forget, they reached Erbil and lived in tents. After a period of time, they tried to reach Turkey via the sea, but their boat sank, and they returned to Erbil. After that, they decided their best option would be to move to Jordan. On June 12, 2016, they arrived in Amman, Jordan.

They have lost everything, and now in Jordan they have a chance to start their lives all over again. Alham, his wife, suffers from high blood pressure. She’s in need of regular medicine. His children can’t go to school because they lost their files back in Iraq.

Thair and his family are so thankful for the help and support that they received. The food package, hygiene items, and rice will get them by for now and give them hope for another day.

The Hady Family

Hady FamilyWaleed along with his wife and two children (19 and 11 years old) lived in Mosul, Iraq. ISIS militants entered their city and started to destroy everything in their way. When they came across a Christian house, they would take everything they owned (money, cars…) and sometimes they would kidnap the children.

Waleed and his family started their escape from village to village, but no one helped them as they were all afraid of each other. They suffered a lot before they were able to find a place to stay.

They moved to Jordan on June 21, 2016. Since they recently arrived to Jordan, they do not have anything and are in need of basic life essentials such as mattresses, clothes, food packages, stove top, gas cylinder, and water.

Waleed was not able to attend, as he is sick. He suffers from high blood pressure from the war, stress and fear of ISIS. The picture above is of his wife and eldest son. They are very appreciative for the help and support they have received. Without this support, they would not be able to survive.

A large number of people who suffered and were traumatized by what they went through are now suffering from various health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, physical pains and aches. Others suffer from nightmares, depression and loss of appetite, as well as a number of problems.

Join us in prayer for these families who are suffering mentally and physically. May they know the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ.