On Thanksgiving, many of us will reflect on our lives and find reasons to be thankful. We might even share what we are thankful for around the Thanksgiving table. As we head into the season of gratitude, let’s look at what makes Chase Oaks unique and at the reasons Chase Oakers have to be thankful this year.

Having a Clear Vision

thankful for a clear visionAs Chase Oakers, we can be thankful for the clear vision our leaders have for Chase Oaks. Since the beginning, our leaders have had the vision of transforming the surrounding communities. To give life to the vision, Chase Oaks knew it was time to create a new space to make room for the people they were reaching and were hoping to reach.

“Replant was all about capturing the original vision of the church…Church planting requires a pioneering spirit with lots of sacrifice, so instead of us calling it a church plant, we called it replant.” -Jack Warren, Executive Pastor.

Not only have our past leaders had a clear vision, but our current leaders continue to have a clear vision for our  future.

Finding Provision

Since Replant’s beginning in 2007, Chase Oaks has raised funds through a few campaigns to help bring the church’s vision to life. The church has always had the vision of impacting the community around us.

The first campaign Chase Oaks launched was “Imagine,” which received $12.5 million in pledges, allowing the purchase of a 26-acre plot of land and of a new building that provided a solid foundation from which the church could launch multiple campuses to help reach the surrounding communities.

In 2010, Chase Oaks launched the “Go Boldly” campaign, which raised $10.3 million in pledges. The second campaign supported the expansion of the Legacy Campus to make more room for our guethankful for replantsts and the initiation of the Sloan Creek Campus.

Finally, in 2014, the church launched “Next Door. Next Gen.,” an ongoing campaign that has received $16.3 million in pledges. This campaign enabled Chase Oaks to expand Kidzone at the Legacy Campus, to support the Chase Oaks Family Center, to purchase land and a permanent building for the Creek Campus, and to launch the Woodbridge Campus.

These campaigns were the result of our church stepping out on faith and of God providing for our church’s needs through the generosity of Chase Oakers. We can be thankful for our leaders who were willing to answer God’s call and take a leap of faith to bring our vision to life. We can be thankful for the Chase Oakers who stepped out on faith and made pledges to these campaigns that allowed Chase Oaks to accomplish its goals. We can be thankful for God who provided for the campaigns’ needs every step of the way.

We look forward to seeing how God uses Chase Oakers to continue to provide for our needs as we launch more campuses in the future.

Reaching our Community

As a church, we can also be thankful for the opportunities available to us to help make a difference in our community. The vision for Replant focused on reaching the people within a 10-mile radius of the new location. In transformation2007, the goal was to reach 650,000 people within a 10-mile radius. But as our community grew, the new goal was to reach almost 1 million people within a 10-mile radius. Of the 1 million, approximately 800,000 aren’t connected to church. Therefore, as part of the Replant, Chase Oaks created a come-as-you-are environment to impact the community and to transform the lives of those who are not connected to church.

As part of reaching the people in the surrounding communities, Chase Oaks launched new campuses in the Fairview area and the Wylie/Murphy/Sachse area. Chase Oaks also launched the En Español Campus that meets in Plano to service our diverse community. The new campuses have allowed Chase Oaks to build partnerships with different local organizations and schools to help transform the communities in which our campuses serve. Since we don’t go it alone, partnerships are vital to our success in changing the landscape of our communities.

As new campuses launch, the leadership (staff and volunteers) grows at Chase Oaks, bringing together an incredibly talented and diverse group of people who share the vision of making a difference in the surrounding communities. The staff and volunteers are integral to the success of each campus and are another reason for Chase Oaks to be thankful.

Chase Oaks Family CenterAside from becoming a multi-site church, Chase Oaks opened the Chase Oaks Family Center. The Chase Oaks Family Center serves the community by offering a safe place to experience education and personal transformation by offering ESL classes, citizenship classes, and parenting education and support. It has also helped hundreds of families by providing school supplies, coats, and gifts to local families who are struggling. Our community is thankful for our family center, and we should be, too!

Looking Ahead to Our Future

As the adventure continues, Chase Oaks hopes to launch 6 more campuses in the future. A new campus is being planned for August of 2018. As the church launches new campuses, the staff and volunteers will continue to grow and will bring fresh ideas that will help the church continue to realize its original vision.

thankful for communityAside from launching new campuses, Chase Oaks also wants to invest in people and launch new leaders. In the future, Chase Oaks is looking to develop 4,000 people who are fully engaged in the vision and who see the vision as their vision. One tool used to develop new leaders is Established. There also plans to develop another resource that will help people step into leadership and be equipped to lead the church into the surrounding communities.

“We will need to recapture that replant Spirit and have an all-hands-on-deck culture in order to truly impact our communities.” -Jack Warren, Executive Pastor

This holiday season, we can be thankful for Chase Oakers’ commitment to looking to the future and anticipating our community’s needs to help reach those who God calls us to reach: those who are struggling and those who do not have a personal relationship with Him.

As we are thankful for what has been done through Replant, we will also look forward to the bright future that is awaiting us. Come celebrate our 10-year anniversary for Replant during the weekend of December 1-3. You can join any campus. For locations and times, visit our Locations page.