Create a Better Future at Q Commons 2019

Q Commons is a two-hour event that connects national and local leaders to neighbors and friends in your community for a conversation on how we can advance good thinking, action, and virtue in a tumultuous culture.

Q Commons is known for doing more than just asserting opinions. It is known for creating a safe space where we can generate the best ideas on how to make a difference in our communities and create a better future for the next generation.

At Q Commons, the talks are short, TED Talks-style presentations from multiple sectors of society. The talks will be centered on this year’s theme, “Create a Better Future,” and will focus on how we can be leaders and engage our communities in a way that brings hope during this critical cultural moment.

Check out some of these amazing Q Commons 2019 local speakers that will be at a Chase Oaks campus near you.

Q Commons 2019 Local Speakers at the Legacy Campus

The Legacy Campus and the Richardson Campus will come together for Q Commons 2019. It will be held at the Legacy Campus on Thursday, October 24, at 6:30 PM. And there are some great local speakers lined up from the Plano and Richardson communities.

Meet Eric Torrence

As a pastor at Chase Oaks and a co-host of the Page2Podcast, Eric Torrence helps shape the church’s approach to groups, discipleship, and leadership and helps provide a space for nuanced conversations in a combative culture. Eric will deliver a talk about intellectual humility and the lost art of nuance.

Meet Manasseh Durkin

As president of Durkin Enterprises, Manasseh Durkin has more than 15 years of experience in commercial and residential construction management. Since Manasseh is personally and professionally involved in the Richardson community as he works to promote economic and cultural growth, he will talk about his experience in shaping the future of our community.

Meet Kenneth West

For the last 10 years, Kenneth West has focused on changing lives through relevant teachings from the Bible and through discipleship as the lead pastor of Berean Bible Fellowship Church in Plano, TX. At Q Commons, Kenneth will talk about the intersection of the church and culture around the topic of mental health awareness.

Q Commons 2019 Local Speakers at the Sloan Creek Campus

The Sloan Creek Campus in the Allen/Fairview/McKinney community will host Q Commons 2019 on Thursday, October 24, at 6:30 PM. Chase Oaks Central Groups Pastor Eric Torrence will be there along with other speakers from this great community.

Meet Dr. Michael Goddard

As a current top 12 nominee for National Superintendent of the Year, Dr. Michael Goddard, Superintendent of Schools at Lovejoy ISD, is on a mission to lift those around him to reach their highest potential. Spending 19 years as a public educator and leader, Dr. Goddard will be talking about how to lead in love when loving is the most difficult thing to do.

Meet Dr. Vanessa Bouché

Dr. Vanessa Bouché is Associate Professor of Political Science at Texas Christian University. Her research is at the intersection of political psychology and public policy with a particular focus on identity politics and human trafficking. As the principal investigator of Human Trafficking Data (HTD), Dr. Bouché is ready to take on the question: Is human trafficking inevitable in a capitalist, globalized economy?

Q Commons 2019 Local Speakers at the Woodbridge Campus

In the Murphy/Wylie/Sachse community, the Woodbridge Campus will host Q Commons 2019. It will take place on Thursday, October 24, at 6:30 PM. Check out these local speakers who will help us think about how we can make a difference and transform our community.

Meet Greg Holmes

As a pastor, an artist, a leader of the Chase Oaks Communication Team, and the co-host of Page2Podcast, Greg Holmes strives to wrestle with complex and polarizing issues in a way that is inclusive, challenging, and clarifying. Greg will be discussing the importance of intellectual humility and the vital role of nuance in contemporary conversation.

Meet Allen Parr

Allen Parr is a popular YouTuber (The BEAT), Bible communicator, and national speaker whose passion and purpose is to equip believers with the tools, training, and teaching they need to live a victorious life and fulfill their God-given purpose. He will be speaking on the controversial, yet important, topic of privilege and what we can do about it in our community.

Meet Brian Lyons

As principal of McMillen High School in Plano, TX, Brian Lyons partners with students, parents, and the community to help each child find success inside and outside of school. He will be discussing what mental health looks like for the Next Gen.

These Q Commons 2019 local speakers are going to be great! They will definitely start some really important conversations we need to be having in our culture today. To learn more about Q Commons or the national speakers at Q Commons 2019, check out “Q Commons 2019: Create a Better Future.”

Let’s become people who encourage the good, clarify the confused, and create what’s missing to bring change for the common good of our community. Together, we can make a difference!

Join the conversation and be the change that can transform our community by registering for Q Commons at Chase Oaks Church today! We cannot wait to see you there!