Pivot Job Placement Program Makes a Difference

Posted on May 20, 2021

Pivot Job Placement Program Makes a Difference

Pivot, the Job Placement Program at the Local Good Center, seeks to create connections and introductions for employment opportunities that would otherwise not be made. Through partnerships with non-profits in DFW, Pivot identifies and provides coaching to individuals who need employment and are ready to step into the workplace.

Pivot also partners with over 50 businesses who are looking to fill roles (typically entry-level and administrative positions) and who have a passion to support our local community.

Tom Supan is a business partner of Innovative Sales Group, an organization with 34 employees. ISG has worked with Pivot over the last several years, successfully hiring two Pivot clients in Sales Analyst roles. Tom shares more about his experience with Pivot, below.

Q: Please share about your experience with Pivot.

I first encountered Pivot at Chase Oaks. I saw a longtime friend and former business associate, David Russell, being interviewed [up front]. He talked about Pivot and that he had hired people who were difference makers. He was grateful and pleased to be able to help people and give them an opportunity while also solving a need inside of his company. At the time, unemployment was at an all-time low, and we had a hard time finding suitable candidates. I thought, "This could be God's timing." We've had some frustration in certain positions in our company [with] turnover and I saw an opportunity to align with Pivot.

Q: So why did you want to work with Pivot?

It started out with my company having a need. I talked with [Pivot] and learned what it does as a ministry. I'm so grateful to be part of a church with many different spokes on the wheel, all about helping people – it’s not just feeding me on a Sunday. When we have an opportunity to help someone who's come out of a challenging situation, it makes it so much better.

Q: What impact has it had on you?

You get asked by people, “What does your company do?” and we can talk all day about the functions of our company, but we are a collection of individuals. Our goal as an employer is not only to do an excellent job for our suppliers and customers, but we also want to provide a safe, family-type environment for employees. I think that the most important thing in God's currency is the investment that we make in other people, and Pivot allows my company, my business partners, and me to invest in someone who may have a greater need than the average applicant. It's allowed us to be missional with our business without overtly being missional.

Q: What impact has it had on your company?

We have been able to hire two sales analysts, and it's stopped that turnstile that we had going on in that role. Also, we were able to find great people, as both people we hired are very good at their jobs.

Q: What would you say to someone considering working with Pivot?

I appreciate how quickly Pivot has always gotten back to me. [Pivot] always talks to me about the position, needs and skills required, then tries to funnel that down...[making] sure the people fit our company before sending them to me to interview. [Pivot] has made it easier for me to find good people.

If you are a business owner, hiring manager or recruiter, or are aware of employment opportunities and would like to help make an impact in our community, contact Kenny Brown at [email protected].

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