We all want to make an impact in our community and world. We want to help impoverished families, hungry and sick children, and struggling single parents. But oftentimes, life gets busy, and we struggle to find the time to serve others.

Although it can be difficult, making the time to serve others can benefit our health. According to the Mayo Clinic and Psychology Today, serving others can help reduce stress and depression, help us live longer, and give us a sense of purpose that can have a positive effect on our brains and lives.

So, if you want to transform our community and your life, join us this weekend at one of our campuses to pick your partner that has opportunities for you to serve no matter what your schedule looks like.

Pick Your Partner at the Legacy Campus

Our Legacy Campus partners with local organizations, schools, and shelters to make a difference throughout the surrounding communities. Whether you want to serve adults with special needs, homeless families, children, or the elderly, the Legacy Campus has a team you can pick to be your partner! Check out just a few of the organizations our Partner Teams support at the Legacy Campus.

For more local partners, check out Legacy Campus Partner Teams.

Pick Your Partner at the Sloan Creek Campus

If you are in the Allen/McKinney area, our Sloan Creek Campus has great local partners that will impact families, students, teachers, and adults with special needs. Check out the list of partners for Sloan Creek, so you can be ready to take the next step of joining a Partner Team this weekend.

Pick Your Partner at the Woodbridge Campus

Our Woodbridge Campus partners with local schools and food pantries to make a difference in the Murphy/Wylie/Sachse community. With the holidays around the corner, serving alongside our food pantries can be a great way to impact the struggling families around us. Check out the list of Woodbridge’s partners before this weekend.

Pick Your Partner at the Richardson Campus

The Richardson Campus makes a difference in their community as they partner with the city and local schools. Check out the Partner Teams you can join if you are in the Richardson area.

With our local partners, you can come around community needs like mentoring at-risk children and teens, food insecurity, homelessness, and so much more.

Let’s come together around these local partners and love others in unexpected ways. Together, we can transform our community and world.