co-staff-web-todd-baughmanWhat an awesome time we had this year at the multi-campus Men’s Retreat called Men’s Blast.  The weekend started off with an intense test of manliness as the cabins battled it out in a surprise Ikea furniture building contest (real men don’t need directions), and it’s a good thing because we secretly pulled them out earlier in the day.  But the men responded, bonded,  and built some great furniture for needy families.

mens-blast-2016-furniture-1  mens-blast-2016-furniture-2

The worship (led by Ian Osborn) was fantastic!  There’s something really powerful when 150+ men get together in a room and boldly praise Jesus’ name in unified worship. It was great to see the band build throughout the weekend, and at one point, we had a drum set and about five guys up there!

We also had a Chase Oaks All-Star line-up of speakers, including Jack Warren, Mike Mabie, and Glen Brechner— peeling back the layers of who we are, who God is, and what we are designed for.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the “Man Cave Cup” competition, the campuses battled it out for the cup in the Chest Challenge, Football, Basketball, Fishing, and Poker.


And while Sloan Creek and 544 put in quite an effort, Peter Park (Legacy Campus Pastor) now proudly displays the Man Cave Cup in his office after the Legacy victory.  544 did win the last place prize (a blast from the past the “Gene Ball”), but I’m not sure Craig has it so prominently displayed.

But by far the best part of the weekend, based on all the emails I’ve been getting, was the discussion time.

One guy said it like this:  “My favorite thing – small group breakout sessions…I LOVED that time to hear what is going on in other guys’ lives as well as share what’s going on in mine.  When you couple together “sharing” and “lackof sleep,” you get authentic vulnerability!  Love it!”

Another said this:  “It was easy to find men to bond with, and the atmosphere spurred conversation naturally. I know I was able to relax very easily, Peter-winning-retreat-2016setting aside the craig-gene-award-retreat-2016stress and anxiety of life, and be truly present with my cabin members.  I’m looking forward to launching a Man Cave group! The Men’s Blast definitely showed me how important it is to share, pray, and grow alongside other men.”

Find Your Cave

FYC-2016Which leads me to the question, what’s next for the men at Chase Oaks?  Whether you were at the retreat or not, it’s clear the Man Cave small groups are going to have a huge impact.  The weekend retreat is great, but we have an opportunity to connect with guys every week in the Man Caves.MeasureMan-BookCover-New-Edition

We had over 30 guys at the retreat sign up to host one, and several more the following weekend, so there’s at least one meeting being offered every night of the week!  The groups will be studying the newly updated, Measure of a Man, by Gene Getz, our founding pastor. (Learn more about this men’s classic and the man behind it). Please take this opportunity to jump in on the opportunity and sign up for a Man Cave group at

For more information on Men’s Ministry at Chase Oaks and getting connected, email Todd at .