co-staff-web-eric-torrenceYou don’t always need a lot of words to make a big difference. In fact, sometimes the smallest statements make the greatest impact. Did you know there are only 272 words in the Gettysburg Address? After reading all 195,954 words of Great Expectations in high school (okay, confession time, I didn’t get through all of them), I wished Charles Dickens wrote a lot more like how Abraham Lincoln spoke.

This weekend, we’re starting a new series called “Little Big Shots,” where we’ll be looking at the five smallest books of the Bible. Our Bible isn’t just one book – it’s actually a compilation of 66 different books written by different authors inspired by God. Some of the books are well known and talked about quite a bit. But others are more obscure, especially some of the smaller books that we sometimes forget about.

While we may not know much about these smaller books, make no mistake – they pack a bigvertical-bookmark-web punch. If you’ve ever wondered what was in the books of Philemon, Obadiah, Jude, 2 and 3 John, you’ll soon find out that they don’t shy away from the tough topics. They don’t waste their time getting into deep concepts of grace, truth, unity, justice, wrath, and relationships.

So, join us this weekend for the start of “Little Big Shots” as we learn new things from passages that don’t tend to get much publicity, but deserve their chance in the spotlight.

And, to help all of us dive deep into these books, I want to invite you to check out Vertical – Chase Oaks’ online Bible reading website and email system. For this series, Vertical will take us through each of these books in their entirety, along with a few supplemental passages (because, as we said, these books are short!).

As we read these passages together, we’ll have daily reflections written by Jeff Jones and Greg Holmes, who will both be speaking during this series. You won’t want to miss this great way to get into God’s Word.