MOMS Group Offers Care and Community

Posted by Lori Eubanks, Central Women's Groups Pastor, on Jan 04, 2022

MOMS Group Offers Care and Community

Self-care has been a trendy topic for women, even pre-pandemic. But it’s about so much more than spa days, treats, and pampering. It’s about nurturing well-being in every aspect of life—and doing it within a supportive community. Moms of young children in particular can struggle to find the time, energy, and resources needed to make that happen.

Like our other women’s groups, MOMS Connection is designed to help women have a real, growing relationship with God and to connect with other women. MOMS is open to any moms in the community—not just Chase Oaks attenders—who are currently expecting or have newborns through preschool-aged children. It provides opportunities to learn about relevant topics and discuss “all the things” related to this demanding, yet rewarding, season. In the process, it helps women build connections and find the vital support that comes from a group of friends that are there for one another, through the joys and hardships of life.

Four moms share more about the life-giving care and community they found at MOMS:

"I came to MOMS exhausted and completely clueless with my first child. I had always wanted kids and studied psychology and child development in the course of obtaining a degree and a counseling license. However, the moment I gave birth, I was completely overwhelmed. Real life started to happen, sleep deprivation was the norm, and severe postpartum depression started to set in. On more than one occasion I didn't know if I wanted to live because I was afraid of permanently messing up my child.

At the same time, my friendships were changing and I was starving for connection with more experienced moms. Connection with another human that could say, 'I understand it’s hard, but you've got this. I'm praying for you.' One day, another mom threw me a lifeline in the form of an invitation to MOMs. (Insert my grateful tears here as I write this.)

Over the years, my parenting journey has looked completely different than I expected. I've had a set of surprise twins. Since the twins, we have had four miscarriages for a total of five losses. I battle insecurity, anxiety, perfectionism and wanting to be liked. MOMs is the safe place where I can both deal with it all and heal with it all.

The relationships there allow me to deal with my “mom messes” and mistakes. Through our deep journey of grief there have been a tribe of women (including mentor moms and Lori) that have held me up when all I can do is weep. They have uttered countless prayers on my behalf. In addition to the support, there is so much to learn through the speakers and studies. This group has changed my parenting and our family legacy in every way. Come join MOMS; you will not regret it!"

- Jessalea Anschutz

"A friend invited me to a summer session of MOMS, "just to check it out." I'm always down for meeting new friends and—hello, two hours of kid-free time? Breakfast AND meaningful conversations with other adults in peace? Sign me up!

The summer session was such a blast that I signed up for the next year of MOMS Connection as soon as registration opened. I've never looked back! This group has blessed me and my family in more ways than I could ever count. It's been a pleasure and honor to love, serve and grow alongside some amazing women over the last several years. I'm so thankful to the ministry of MOMS Connection for so richly adding to my life."

- Tasha McIntosh

"This is my fourth year in MOMS. I was the first of my friends to have a baby, so I had zero mom friends and signed up for MOMS Connection without knowing anyone. I was nervous, but quickly learned just how badly I needed other moms in my life.

The first months/year of new motherhood were the loneliest I’ve ever been and MOMS Connection is what made me feel known and understood.

For anyone considering trying MOMS—just do it! You don’t have to find your best friend, but you will find something special and you will find love, support, connection and understanding."

 - Erin LeBlanc

"Wow! What can I say about MOMS? I joined MOMS right over a year ago. I was pregnant with my first baby, and my husband and I had just moved to the area. I needed some people! I worked from home (before it was even cool #thankscovid!) and needed an outlet to meet with and communicate with others. As I joined mid-year, I worried it might be awkward to get acquainted with a group who had already been meeting. However, that wasn't the case.

It's so easy to go it alone because you have misconceptions about what others will think but I'm so glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone to join in. If anyone felt a nudge to even try it, I would say do it! There’s a high likelihood that someone else in the group has felt the same way. Also, the likelihood that you could find a true friend in these crazy years of having kids ages birth-Kinder is doubly great. There’s the encouragement and added benefit of having a mentor mom. She's a great listener and source of wisdom. This thing called motherhood is amazing, brilliant, the best job ever, and sometimes a complete and utter circus.

Please don't go it alone. Take the plunge to join in. I promise you it will be worth it!"

- Bailey Morton

Registration for the spring is now open! Our MOMS Connection groups meet in three separate locations, twice a month. If you or someone you know is interested in joining, visit here.

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