This fall, we are excited about launching our new Richardson Campus in such an amazing community. Along with seeing how God uses our new campus to make a difference in the Richardson community, we are also getting excited as we get our staff ready to go by the launch date. Kidzone Director Brooke Peterson has transitioned from being the Early Childhood Assistant Director at our Legacy Campus.

Brooke PetersonBrooke Peterson lives in Richardson with her family. She is thrilled about serving the community she calls home. As she begins to shape the Kidzone for the Richardson Campus, there are a few things you should know about our new Kidzone director!

Early Life

Growing up, Brooke Peterson moved around a lot and experienced a variety of seasons. She began her life in New York State, and then, she moved to Ohio. By the time she was in kindergarten, her family had moved to Dallas, Texas. For junior high, she moved to south Florida, but later, her family moved back to Texas where she graduated high school.

Although she moved around often, Brooke had one constant in her life: her mom. When asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, Brooke recalls wanting to be her mom, Judy Archbold. Her mom coached her sports teams, chaperoned school events, led Bible studies and Sunday School, and taught Brooke about who Jesus is and what He does in our lives and hearts. She greatly impacted her spiritual journey, giving her a strong foundation that led to finding peace and confidence in her life.

Talking about her faith, Brooke does not recall a time she did not believe in Jesus. Even though she started a relationship with Jesus at a young age, she admits that her understanding of who He is and what He did has grown and matured through all of her ups and downs.

When describing how her faith as impacted her life, Brooke says, “Feeling like I have always known Jesus has given me a peace and security that has given me a calmness and confidence that runs the core of my approach to life.”

From a young age, Brooke felt called to pursue God and His ministry. While her mom inspired her to pursue ministry as an adult, her father encouraged her to be a part of furthering God’s Kingdom by using all the amazing gifts and talents that God has given her.

The Call to Ministry

Trying to define the moment in which she felt called to ministry, Brooke describes her entire life as a journey of ministry, which led to the position she is in today.

In her 30s, Brooke led a Bible study out of her home. Once her oldest daughter was born, she took a break from hosting the Bible study. After the birth of her second daughter, Brooke and her husband started serving in Kidzone at brooke-peterson-vbxChase Oaks.

It was through her serving that she found her calling. While serving in Kidzone, Brooke found a strong leadership core that mentored and guided her through serving in different capacities. Starting out as a small-group leader, Brooke quickly became a communicator and then VBX director, ultimately leading to a position on the Chase Oaks staff.

Although she joined the Chase Oaks staff in December of 2015, Brooke began attending Chase Oaks in second grade (that’s 1980 for those of you doing the math). Neighbors invited her family, and they have been Chase Oakers ever since! Her foundation in Jesus Christ and her roots in Chase Oaks Church makes her an amazing staff member that truly understands the culture and values of the Chase Oaks community.

Brooke originally served at the Legacy Campus but is excited to be on the Richardson Team. She always knew if Chase Oaks launched a campus in the Richardson community, she would play a big part in it since it is where she lives and can make the biggest impact.

Family Life

Brooke and Keith PetersonBrooke Peterson met her husband, Keith, while they were both working on a construction project for their first Boudin Ball as part of a Mardi Gras Krewe de Roux. Brooke and Keith became fast friends. After witnessing their chemistry, many people thought they were dating. However, they insisted they were just friends. And they were until…

A couple of years later, the pair would elevate their relationship status from friends to dating. As soon as they started dating, the couple knew they were getting married. Brooke feels blessed to doing life and building a family with her best friend.

Now, Brooke  and her husband live in Brooke’s childhood neighborhood in Richardson where they raise their two daughters: Beatrix (Bix), age 11, and Fiona, age 8. Brooke feels her children are probably her biggest accomplishment in her life so far, but she admits there is still a long way to go in raising them. Her family is definitely a “work in progress.”Brooke Peterson and family

Becoming a parent had its challenges and funny moments. But one lesson Brooke is learning is how to be unselfish. When raising children, she puts her children’s needs first even when they are getting sick all over the kitchen (and she happens to skid across the room and fall down in the middle of that sickness). More than just taking care of them while they are sick, Brooke is building a foundation of faith in her home, much like the one her mom built for her.

Four Fun Facts

Here are four fun facts you should know about Kidzone Director Brooke Peterson.

1. Childhood Movies

As a child, Brooke and her family went to the drive-in to watch movies often. At the drive-in, she remembers watching movies such as Cinderella and One of the Dinosaur Bones is Missing. Her first movie in a movie theater was a re-release of the Disney classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

2. Favorite Superhero

Brooke’s favorite superhero is The Bionic Woman because she was “the coolest.” What child from the 70s does not love The Bionic Woman? (Unless, of course, you are a Wonder Woman fan.)

3. Favorite Sport and Team

Brooke’s favorite sport is soccer. Growing up, she played in the Olympic Development Program at Baylor and continues to play today. She enjoys watching the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team. But she will also root for any Team USA in any sport.

4. Brooke’s Top Three

The three things Brooke is loving right now are ice packs (for her back healing from surgery), The Flash (her family’s favorite TV show), and Marshalls (because she always loves a great bargain!).

Ready for the Richardson Campus

Brooke Peterson familyLiving in the Richardson community, Brooke is really excited for her new role at the Richardson Campus. Not only is she excited to be part of the staff at the campus, but she is thrilled to have a neighborhood church to which her family can invite people without asking them to drive 30 minutes away! This will open up opportunities for her and her girls to invite friends to a church where they can come as they are, be transformed, and make a difference.

Brooke also believes the Richardson community is a great place for Chase Oaks to be! She is ready to make the Richardson Campus a fun place to be for the children throughout the community.

Are you interested in being part of the Kidzone team with Brooke at the Richardson Campus? Join us for our Campus Training on Sunday, July 22, from 1:00-2:30 p.m., at the Communion Neighborhood Cooperative in Richardson, TX. You will learn about teams that make a campus happen and how you can get involved. And the best part is we are serving snacks and refreshments. Hope to see you there!