Meet En Español Campus Pastor Hiram Vega

Posted on Jan 28, 2022

Meet En Español Campus Pastor Hiram Vega

En Español Campus Pastor Hiram Vega is a familiar face to many at Chase Oaks. He has served in multiple roles at En Español for the past five years—and his experience, faith, and gifting have equipped him well to lead the campus forward into its next season.

Early Years

Hiram is originally from the central state of Puebla, Mexico but considers Monterrey, Mexico to be his outside-of-North-Texas home. Growing up in a Christian family, he always attended church as a child. However, when he reached his teenage years, he grew curious about the freedom promised by pursuing life on his own terms, apart from God. He sought to experience that freedom for himself, only to discover that the laughter and fun it brought were also mixed with emptiness and hopelessness.

At age 20, Hiram turned back to God. As a result, the direction of his life changed, and he found new purpose. He was also deeply impacted by the life and testimony of two businessmen who freely shared their counsel and help without asking anything in return. They did so, not because Hiram was deserving but because of their commitment to Jesus. In the process, they gave him an example of the type of person he would like to become.

A Call to Serve

Later, Hiram sensed a calling to ministry at a youth service. He prayed that God would be able to use him as a leader in men’s ministry because of the impact of men’s ministry in his own life. However, the pastor of his church at the time invited him to serve in youth ministry. Although Hiram didn’t like the idea, he reluctantly accepted. And over time, he began to understand the privilege of serving people of any age. His love for God’s sheep, the lost, and God’s Word continued to grow and deepen.

Since then, Hiram has been a guest speaker at youth, marriage, and leadership retreats for different churches in the U.S. and Mexico for more than 20 years. Since becoming involved with Chase Oaks En Español, Hiram has also been a part of the Teaching Team and led the Leadership Development trainings for the campus.

Hiram is married to his wife Claudia and together, they have raised three boys. Two years ago, they welcomed a daughter-in-law into the family.

In His Own Words

Some more fun facts about Hiram:

Q: What is your aspirational nickname? 

A: Black Wolf (although now, Grey Wolf would be more accurate)

Q: What is your favorite food or cuisine?

A: Thai food

Q: Who is your favorite super hero (or most desired super power)?

A: Hawkeye. He has no superpower and is still a super hero.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do on a free afternoon?

A: Read a fiction book or watch an action movie

Q: What is a travel destination, activity, or goal on your bucket list?

A: I'd like to visit Australia/New Zealand and Alaska

Q: How would you complete this sentence? “To know me is to know that..."

A: I joke a lot

Q: What are you most looking forward to as the new pastor of the En Español Campus?

A: To inspire everyone at the Church to use their gifting to impact their community and grow God’s Kingdom.

As the En Español Campus prepares to enter a new season, it is in a perfect position to grow under Campus Pastor Hiram’s visionary leadership.

Interested in learning more about the En Español Campus? Look here for more info.

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