Love Does The Unexpected is about spreading love throughout our community and making a difference right where we are. Chase Oaker Jorie Judisch received a routine voicemail about lunch accounts from PISD, where her children attend school. But rather than just deleting the voicemail and moving on with her weekly routine, Jorie decided to learn more about student lunch account balances and find a way to do the unexpected for struggling families in our local schools.

Video Transcription

Hearing the Call to Make a Difference

We received a voice message from Plano ISD about unpaid school lunch balances, and it was something that I hadn’t thought about; because my kids, they eat lunch, but we always make sure they have money on their accounts, and you get a reminder if you don’t.

That whole week went on, and we went to Easter Sunday. And Pastor Jeff was talking about Love Does The Unexpected, and I just kept thinking of the school lunch program. As we were leaving church on Easter, I ran into one of the teachers that is at McCall Elementary and just saw her and said, “Hi.

But later I was like, “I wonder if she has any information,” so I messaged her to see if she knew if it was a huge thing at McCall Elementary, and she said she didn’t have any information. But if I found out there was a balance to let her know because she wanted to go in on it as well.

Then, I contacted my neighbor, Sherry Beal; she also has kids at McCall Elementary and also goes to Chase Oaks. She was like, “I don’t know. I’ve been thinking the exact same thing. We’re in.

Making a Difference in Plano Schools

Long story short after about 4-5 emails of getting to the right person, I finally found out that McCall Elementary had a balance of $213, and Bowman Elementary had over $1,200 of outstanding balances that kids couldn’t pay. So, $200 was easy. I had five families that were involved that were interested in supporting. And all in all, we raised about $800 out of just the five families that I knew of.

But I posted it on Facebook and then I posted it on the Groups page, and random people I didn’t know started messaging me, asking how they could get involved. Multiple friends also contacted their own schools. So, I do have information recently that Chase Oaks in all gave over $2,100 toward paying off the school balances. Plano ISD received over $8,000 in donations.

Whether or not that has anything to do with what we started here at Chase Oaks, that still is incredible. God is using this in some way, and I may not ever know exactly what that way is. But he’s using me, he’s used all these other women that have gotten involved in reaching out at their own schools.

Hi, my name is Jorie Judisch and Love Does The Unexpected.

Like Jorie and her friends, you can do the unexpected in our community by making a difference right where you are! For ways to participate in this movement of love, check out Love Does The Unexpected.