As teachers, students, and parents were getting ready for back-to-school season, Chase Oakers and local school districts partnered together to make a difference 2gether for Kids. Thanks to the generosity of Chase Oakers, teachers and students were able to shop for school supplies at an affordable rate. So, let’s celebrate the difference we made 2gether!

Chase Oaks Family Center

Our Legacy Campus, En Español Campus, and Sloan Creek Campus came together to collect supplies for our SchoolZone store at the Chase Oaks Family Center. Chase Oakers donated numerous backpacks and school supplies for teachers and students at each campus.

SchoolZone 2018From August 1-4, 342 students shopped for supplies at our SchoolZone store. The students came from our school partner, Mendenhall Elementary, and local partners, Agape Resource & Assistance Center, Family Promise, and Shiloh Place.

Aside from students, 52 teachers from Mendenhall Elementary shopped for much-needed teaching supplies at our store. To make our SchoolZone store happen, 140 Chase Oakers from all campuses volunteered their time.

After serving a lot of teachers and students in our community, there were still supplies left over. Remaining school supplies will be given to our local partners to help students that are still in need. After we have met those needs, our campuses will disperse the supplies to various schools in their community.

The Legacy Campus will donate supplies to Rasor Elementary, Thomas Elementary, and Weatherford Elementary. The En Español Campus will donate supplies to Head Start of Plano. The Sloan Creek Campus will donate supplies to Rountree Elementary in Allen.

The Chase Oaks Family Center helped teachers and struggling families to have a positive start to their year.

Wylie ISD Back-to-School Fair

Our Woodbridge Campus partnered with Wylie ISD to help students in need for the Wylie ISD Back-to-School Fair. Chase Oakers at the Woodbridge Campus purchased 1,031 composition notebooks for the fair. An Hartman Elementaryadditional 90 composition notebooks were distributed to Wylie ISD after the fair.

To help kick off the school year right at Hartman Elementary, Chase Oakers served lunch to 45 staff members. In addition, at Woodbridge’s annual Prayers and Pencils event, 21 Chase Oakers prayed over every classroom and over students’ lockers.

Wylie ISD’s Family Liaison Specialist Joley Martin visited the Woodbridge Campus to thank Chase Oakers for their generosity and for the difference they made in the lives of the teachers and students in Wylie ISD.

Terrace Elementary

The Richardson Campus (launching in October) collected supplies for Terrace Elementary at their first Campus Gathering on August 2. After the gathering, they had 31 backpacks filled with school supplies and 16 backpacks ready to be Richardson Campusfilled with supplies provided by Chase Oakers.

Once the backpacks were ready to go, there were leftover supplies that will be distributed to teachers and students at Terrace Elementary. Even though this campus is just starting out, the staff and Chase Oakers behind this campus came together to make a difference in Richardson ISD. The Richardson Campus is off to a great start in building its relationship with local schools.

With our ability to reach so many students and teachers in our community, our hope is for teachers and students to start the year feeling confident and ready for success.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page and website for more 2gether opportunities this holiday season. We are looking forward to making a difference with you!