To kick off the season of #LoveDoesTheUnexpected, Teacher Katie Lasseter wanted to act surprisingly to pour out love on her fellow teachers at Reed Elementary in Allen, TX. To make it happen, she reached out to parents and Chase Oakers to put together a surprise nacho bar for the teachers.

With three children attending Reed, Chase Oaker Samantha Ramirez responded to Katie and was ready to serve alongside her. She immediately said yes to Katie’s text.

Explaining why she jumped right into an opportunity to love on the teachers, Samantha said, “I just love Reed. And to do something that shows I love [the teachers] back is kind of what prompted me to do this.”

As the end of the year draws near, exhaustion starts kicking in for teachers and students, so Katie and Samantha joined forces to create a nacho bar that provided a snack and a much-needed break for the teachers. They knew loving our teachers wouldn’t take much more than snacks, but they did not know how much of an impact their actions would have on the school.

Although it seemed like such a small act of kindness, the nacho bar made all the difference in the world to the teachers. Samantha was surprised at how much of an impact it made. Because Katie and Samantha took the time to do something special for the teachers in an unexpected way, they thanked the women and asked where they went to church.

Katie Lasseter found a surprising way to love on her colleagues. The timing was unexpected. And the women’s love was unexpected. A teacher herself, Katie saw a need in her workplace and acted by reaching out to people she knew would be ready to meet those needs with her.

The nacho bar shows the smallest act of kindness can make the biggest difference in the world. To get inspired by the love and actions of Katie Lasseter and Samantha Ramirez, watch the video! Maybe there is a need in your workplace or neighborhood that you can meet with the love and support of others.

Join Love Does The Unexpected by loving the people around you. Whether it is loving our teachers, neighbors, friends, family, co-workers, or the people we encounter at the grocery store, let’s take some time to discover their needs and meet them in unexpected ways. Share your story on social media using #LoveDoesTheUnexpected, so we can bring love to a divided culture and world.

Video Transcription

During the season of Love Does The Unexpected, I really wanted to just pour out some love on our teachers, so I am at Reed Elementary in Allen and I was trying to think about how we could impact those teachers. And so, I thought about the parents and anyone that goes to Chase Oaks and I reached out to them and decided it would be an awesome opportunity to have a nacho bar. Because all teachers love snacks and foods. I received a text message from Katie saying, “Hey, I have this great idea to serve the Reed teachers.” I have three kids at Reed, and I just love Reed and to do something that shows that I love them back is kind of what prompted me to do this and the whole Love Does the Unexpected campaign, so once she text me I was like “Yes, I’m in. I’m in.” Oh I know the end of the year they’re getting ready, they’ve been in the school year for the whole entire time and they’re getting close to the end, kids are probably getting restless and see that summer’s coming, so to be able to just do that for them and give them a little break or just go grab a snack and power back up, you know, recharge, I think was what the intent was. It was just a nacho bar to me, but it actually was a lot more, and it meant a lot more to all those teachers to just hear them thanking us and how much they really, really did appreciate it. And even be interested now and “Hey what’s this church you guys go to?” “Chase Oaks”. It really just impacted them a lot more than I thought it was which is great. It just shows God’s work. They were showing such appreciation and a lot of them came to me and were like, “Oh my gosh, I didn’t have lunch and because of this nacho bar you were able to feed us and love on us and show us how much you cared.” We’re Katie and Samantha, and we put this together because Love Does The Unexpected.