Christmas has arrived at Chase Oaks! With Christmas trees decorating our campus lobbies and with ornaments listing various items on them, you might wonder what’s that all about. Or you might be looking for ways you can make a difference this holiday season.

Here are a couple of ways you can love our community unexpectedly this Christmas.

Participate in Chase Oaks’ ToyZone 2019.

ToyZone 2019 at the Chase Oaks Family Center

Chase Oaks Church is excited to announce the return of our tremendously successful ToyZone Store to support children in struggling families that have been identified by our local schools and partners.

The store will be filled with your generous toy donations that allow parents to shop for their children and choose the gifts they want at a very discounted price, bringing dignity back to charity.

ToyZone will once again be at our Family Center on December 11–14 and will be supported by our Legacy Campus, Sloan Creek Campus, Richardson Campus, and En Español Campus. Along with our schools and partners from last year, we have added two more schools to our shopping partners for this year’s ToyZone: Rasor Elementary in Plano (via the Legacy Campus) and Rountree Elementary in Allen (via the Sloan Creek Campus).

This will be the biggest number of kids we have ever served, so thank you in advance for your generous donations and involvement. You’ve heard a lot this year about #LoveDoesTheUnexpected, and this opportunity is one of the best ways to fulfill this vision.

In addition to the toys, we will provide free gift-wrapping for the parents and a winter coat for every child. Can you see now why so many parents feel overwhelmed by the support and generosity poured on them through this event?

The Impact of ToyZone on Our Community

Last year, Grant Bortnem (a Chase Oaker at our Richardson Campus) was onsite with several of the families during shopping hours because he works at one of the participating schools. He had this to say about the impact this event had:

“ToyZone is such a blessing to our school community. Just to be there and see Chase Oakers smiling and greeting people as they come in and showering them with love and grace makes the time we celebrate God’s greatest Gift to us so tangible and meaningful. Last year, after one of our families with three children had been to ToyZone, all the children came in the winter coats they had received and refused to take them off even in class! We also were able to send a family that came to the U.S. as refugees from a war-torn part of Syria. To see the smiles on their faces as they filled bags with the most wonderful gifts for their family was very joyous indeed!”

How to Participate in ToyZone 2019

So now that you know how ToyZone can help make Christmas happen for families in our community, how can you participate? Take your pick from one or more of the following (the first two involve picking ornaments from the trees):

  • Donate children’s coats.
  • Donate unwrapped toys/gifts for kids.
  • Volunteer at ToyZone.
  • Send donations through Amazon to the Family Center.

Donations can be dropped off during weekend services from November 22–December 8 at a campus near you. For questions about ToyZone 2019, contact Julissa Estrada at .

Support Gifts for Moms at our Legacy Campus.

How to Donate Gifts for Moms

As part of the Legacy Campus’ ToyZone, you will also find a Gifts for Moms tree filled with ornaments labeled with gift ideas for single moms. These gifts are given to these moms at our Gifts for Moms event. At this celebration, each mom is given a gift and a great meal and time to connect with other single moms in our community. Gifts for Moms is a partnership ministry supported by our Chase Oaks Church family.

So, just grab an ornament off the tree, purchase the gift listed, and drop off your gift during the weekend services. This will help bring joy and love to a single mom’s Christmas this year.

How to Serve at Our Gifts for Mom Event

You can also serve at our Gifts for Moms event. The event will be held at our Legacy Campus from 4-7 PM on Saturday, December 14. You can help set up for the event and for their ToyStore, greet moms and do valet parking, manage the ToyStore, organize gifts, or serve dinner and dessert. This is a simple, yet impactful, way to love our community unexpectedly this Christmas season. Sign up to serve today.

For questions about Gifts for Moms, contact Tracy Parlin at .

Your generosity makes the Christmas season special again and brings joy, hope, and love to struggling families during a difficult season. It also helps us build important relationships that can transform our community. So, please join us in making these two events a huge success!

If you are in the Murphy/Wylie/Sachse community, our Woodbridge Campus will host its own ToyZone this Christmas season to serve Wylie ISD and Garland ISD. Stay tuned to our blog to find out more!

To help families and single moms rediscover the magic and wonder of Christmas, join us in supporting ToyZone 2019 and Gifts for Moms at a Chase Oaks campus near you!