On the weekend of December 1-3, Chase Oakers came together to celebrate what God has done in and through our church and what His amazing vision is for our future. Senior Pastor Jeff Jones opened his sermon with a story about how Chase Oaks Church became the church of the no turning away—God’s church to meet the deepest needs of our community.

vision It all started at a retreat Jeff attended with the elders. They were searching for God’s vision for our church. During the retreat, Jeff experienced a life-changing moment while listening to Pink Floyd’s “On the Turning Away.” He realized God wanted Chase Oaks to become His church that reached the darkest places in our community and met the deepest needs in these dark places. When the elders came together with Jeff, they had the same vision for our future.

From the retreat, came a new name and location and a 10-year vision of becoming a multi-site church that reached out into the surrounding communities. The vision was built around three invitations: come as you are, be transformed, and make a difference. Since the birth of this vision, we have been able to open three new campuses (i.e., En Español, Sloan Creek, and Woodbridge) and the Chase Oaks Family Center. We have also been able to help plant churches throughout the United States and throughout Northwest Ethiopia.

Aside from launching new campuses and planting new churches, we have been able to help meet local and global needs. Locally, we partner with organizations such as Family Promise and City House. Throughout the last 10 years, Chase Oakers have given 6.95 million dollars (beyond our annual budget) to meet the needs in our community and in our world.

Although God has done a lot in and through Chase Oaks, He has even more planned for our future. His story for our church is not over. It is just beginning. Throughout the next five years, we want to reach the unchurched people in our community. Of the 1 million people that live within a 10-mile radius, 80% of them are unchurched—this is who we want to focus on, this is who we want to meet right where they are. We believe God is bringing a diverse group of people from all over the world to our community for us to meet their needs and to help them get to know Him.

Within the next five years, we are hoping to launch six new campuses—five of which we are hoping to launch fromWest Richardson the other campuses we have already opened. One campus we are looking forward to launching is the West Richardson campus. The current launch date is August of 2018. This new campus will be located near the University of Texas at Dallas. Its location will allow us to reach the young students and family moving into this community. We are happy to announce Michael Yeilding, Student Ministry Pastor for the Woodbridge Campus, will be the Campus Pastor for the West Richardson campus. As Michael Yeilding prepares for the opening of his campus, we are looking forward to how God will use him and his staff to help us live into God’s vision for Chase Oaks.

As part of our vision, we are looking forward to training and inspiring new and emerging leaders to help launch new groups. Over the next year, our campuses are launching several Established groups, starting January 10 and the week of January 15. Established is a 10-week small-group experience that will take you on a journey through the foundational elements of Christianity and discipleship, including topics like Jesus, the Bible, prayer, and our purpose. Established is for people in every life stage and background—whether you consider yourself a Christ follower or not. We believe Established will be a life-changing experience for you. To find more information about launch dates and registration, visit Established.

As we go into the new year, we can look forward to launching new campuses to reach more of our community, launching new small groups, and training new leaders. We can look forward to being a part of God’s crazy mission for His followers. We can look forward to living into God’s vision for our church.

As we watch God’s story unfold before us, let’s pray for our church and its leaders, for our local partners, and for opportunities for new campuses to launch in communities that need to experience grace and love.