Todd Baughman

Dynamic and inspirational speakers shared insights on leadership and personal development during Summit Super Saturday on August 21 at the Chase Oaks Legacy campus. The Global Leadership Summit was a two-day event telecast live from Willow Creek Community Church near Chicago to hundreds of locations in North America. Throughout the fall, Summit events take place at an additional 675+ sites in 125 countries and 59 languages. Chase Oaks is one of those sites who chose the best-of-the-best from the two-day list of speakers and added several local live speakers to customize the program for its participants.

“Leadership is loving the people God puts in front of you well,” says Todd Baughman, Groups Pastor at the Legacy campus and this year’s Summit Saturday Moderator.  “We want to empower, equip and encourage people to fulfill God’s plan for them wherever they may be.”

The range of speakers included Melinda Gates, Co-Chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Chris McChesney, Bestselling Author and Executive at Franklin Covey; Danielle Strickland, Officer in The Salvation Army, Advocate and Author; Bill Hybels, Founder and Senior Pastor of Willow Creek Community Church; Dr. Conway Edwards, Lead Pastor of One Community Church in Plano, and Jada Edwards his wife and Creative Director at One Community, to name a few.

melinda-gates-interview-300x168Sitting across from Bill Hybels in an informal-style interview, Melinda Gates discussed her family, how she met her husband and their corporate philosophy on giving. “The Foundation is the embodiment of what we value in the world,” she said.

Her work focuses on empowering women and girls to bring transformational improvements in the health and prosperity of families, communities and societies. She says that “One person can change the world,” and encouraged the audience to step up and try to tackle some of the tough issues we are facing in the world.

jada-speaking-summit-300x213Jada and Conway Edwards were among the live speakers.  Jada delivered a riveting message on the value of diversity. “Unity requires us to seek and understand, and we must see the value in diversity.” She encouraged the audience to create a safe space for others to ask racial and other uncomfortable questions. She said we must be intentional in our efforts to unify, or it will not happen otherwise.

conrad-speaking-summitDr. Edwards shared information on his leadership pyramid that he uses with his staff.

“People need development and training at every level,” he said. “It is important to make sure that people are placed in the right positions in leadership.  If they are placed in positions too low, or too high for the position, they will not function at their personal best; and it will create problems for the team and the organization.”

Chris McChesneyChris McChesney, Bestselling Author; Executive at Franklin Covey, encouraged the audience to establish clarity, focus, engagement and accountability around critical strategic objectives in the midst of competing daily urgencies. He suggested that limiting the number of goals to only two at a time works much better than having too many competing goals.  He also suggested that planning and not giving into the urgent is an important part of being effective.

speaker-arrows-175px-bill-hybelsBill Hybels tackled the tough subject that leaders can’t maintain a fast pace all the time and shared about the necessity of recharging and taking times of self-reflection and soul care.

“It’s our job to fire ourselves up!” shared Hybels.  “We must start the journey to a preferred future, and sometimes that means being willing to risk everything.”

Jeff Jones wrapped up the Summit by encouraging leaders to think ahead and do the diligent work to pass the baton of leadership to the next generation and how important that is to the life of the church.

Jeff-Summit“We’re only one generation away from the church becoming extinct,” Jeff shared, as he spoke about the biblical process of how to keep building effective leaders for generations to come.

Todd said he hopes that people left the Summit with more in their tool box to help them fulfill the plan God has for them as leaders wherever they are—at home, work, school or church—and everyone around them.

“When the leader gets better, everyone gets better,” shared Todd.

If you’re interested in learning more about Leadership at Chase Oaks or serving as a leader, email Todd at .