As Christ-followers, we are encouraged to read our Bibles and attend Bible studies and book clubs to learn more about God. But what if there was a way to experience the Bible in a new way? What if there was an opportunity to personally connect with God on a deeper level?

In the fall of 2020, Chase Oakers will embark on the Journeys of Paul, an 11-day adventure that will follow the footsteps of the Apostle Paul throughout Greece and Turkey. The Journeys of Paul will be a life-changing journey as it brings the New Testament to life for everyone.

What to Expect on the Journeys of Paul

On this incredible journey, you will get to tour many historically significant places. You will tour ancient Athens and Corinth and then sail the Aegean Sea for seven nights to breathtaking ports of call, including Ephesus, Patmos, Pergamum, Bodrum, Mykonos, and Santorini.

While in Ephesus, Pergamum, Patmos, Bodrum, and Corinth, you will get to go on Biblical and historical excursions under the guidance of the Chase Oaks pastoral team.

Not only will you learn about the culture, people, and historical events of this significant part of the world, but you will also find connection and community as you embark on this journey with other Chase Oakers. Another added bonus is you will enjoy music and worship by our worship pastoral team that will help you experience the presence of God in a unique way in the very spots the early church began.

For the complete itinerary of the Journeys of Paul, visit Baird Tours.

How the Journeys of Paul Can Impact Your Life

The Journeys of Paul is a great opportunity to experience the Bible in a fresh way. It will give you a unique perspective as you get to see and touch the places where Paul and other leaders launched the early church.

In the past, Chase Oakers’ pastors have taken people on trips to Israel where they saw and experienced the significant places of the Old Testament and the places in which Jesus walked and taught. It gave them a new perspective of the Bible and brought the Old Testament and Jesus’ teachings to life.

Those that embarked on the journey to Israel describe having personal encounters with God along the way and how those encounters deepened their faith.

When describing the most impactful moment on the Israel trip, Chase Oaker Ariel Davidson said, “The moment that impacted me the most on this trip was when we were at the southern steps of the temple. I remember sitting there, gripping the edge of the step, digging my hands into the dirt, and knowing that Jesus walked on these very steps. The prayer and connection between me and God in that moment was one of the most powerful moments of my life.”

As they remember how powerful and life-changing it was to visually experience the teachings and the stories of the Bible, they also look forward to the Journeys of Paul, where they will experience the important events and the culture of the early church in the New Testament.

When asked what advice they would have for those thinking of going on the Journeys of Paul, Chase Oaker Byron Byrd described the trip as being a personal journey.  He said, “This is not a trip, this is a pilgrimage…Next to the Holy Land, the Journeys of Paul would be the next most impactful Christian experience. Come listen to your Chase Oaks’ pastors and others teach about the launch of the early Christian church.

Chase Oaker Jim Reed advised, “Do not over think the journey; take it in. I am quite sure that each person has their own emotional encounter. For me, singing praise songs on the Sea of Galilee touched my heart.

Like those that have journeyed to faraway places before, you can learn more about the culture and the people described in the Bible. Not only will you gain a better understanding of God and His Word, but you will also gain a better understanding of cultures that are different from ours.

If you are looking for a fresh way to experience the Bible and for a way to connect with others, check out the Journeys of Paul. Sign up to reserve your spot on this special adventure!