We all love a good party whether we are celebrating a new marriage, a new life, or a new beginning. But we also know good parties take a lot of preparation and hard work. From the invites to the decorations, we work hard to prepare the party and to create an inviting atmosphere for our guests.

dna-party-iconAt Chase Oaks, we look at every weekend service as a party. But rather than throwing the party for ourselves or a loved one, we throw the party for those who are coming for the first time and for those who have yet to come because we understand this is not our party.

This is the Father’s party, and we are His servants, privileged to prepare the party and invite the guests. We design our environments to not only be relevant for us but for those who have yet to come.

How We Can Prepare the Party

We create environments where people can come to God as they are, be transformed, and make a difference through local and global partnerships. To make our guests feel welcome, we want to make our environments relevant and engaging.

As with any party, creating these types of environments is hard work and requires preparation. Here are some ways we can prepare the party for our guests to enjoy.

1. Lead with love and grace.

The first step we can take to prepare for the party is to lead with love and grace in our personal lives and at church. To create authentic community and to be invitational, we need to extend love and grace to everybody always.

Leading with love and grace in our personal lives might look differently for all of us. We might extend grace in the way we react when someone hurts us or when someone cuts in front of us in a long line. We might show love by mowing our neighbor’s lawn during a difficult time. We might speak in a loving and gracious way when having a conversation with a co-worker about a performance issue.

When we lead with love and grace in our everyday lives, it makes it easier to lead with love and grace at church on Sunday mornings and to extend invitations to those around us.

At church, we can lead with love and grace in our conversations with each other and our guests and in the areas in which we serve. We can meet people where they are on their journey no matter how different their journey looks than ours.

Leading with love and grace makes people feel welcome. And making people feel welcome is the first step in throwing a successful party.

2. Join one of our Campus or Partner Teams.

Another great way to prepare for the party is to join one of our Campus or Partner Teams. It is a great way to connect with fellow Chase Oakers and our guests!

To prepare for the party at your campus, you can join one of our Campus Teams. Whether you love praying for people, holding babies, greeting people with a smile, or working behind-the-scenes, there are many opportunities for you to serve where you are.

To take the party to the people, check out our Partner Teams. Our partners include local food pantries, schools, and organizations that are creating come-as-you-are environments throughout our community. We have key partnerships in each community that surrounds our campuses.

If you have been attending our party and want to help prepare the party for others, sign up to serve today!

3. Be invitational and welcoming to everyone around us.

When we have prepared the party and the table is set, it is time to extend invitations to the people around us and to create a warm, inviting atmosphere where everyone who walks through our doors feels welcome.

The party at Chase Oaks is different than your average birthday party or graduation party. There is no limit to the numbers on our guest list. So, you can invite anyone you meet—whether it is your neighbor, co-worker, or someone you met at the coffee shop yesterday. The important part is to extend invitations to those who may not feel welcome in a lot of other churches or environments.

And when people walk through our doors, let’s make them feel loved and accepted no matter what. Let’s transform our auditoriums and Kidzone classrooms into environments that are welcoming and compelling for all.

Even if we are not on the greeting team, we can still smile, shake hands, and welcome those who take their first steps into our church and onto a path that can lead to the unconditional love and grace of Jesus Christ.

We want to help Christ-followers pursue God on their faith journey, but we also want to help others find God on their personal journey. So, let’s be committed to meeting people where they are by preparing for a party that is not ours but our Father’s.

After planning and preparing for the party, it is time to send out the invites! So, this week, invite someone you know to our party this weekend. It can be a neighbor, co-worker, friend, or someone you just met in line at the grocery store. Check out when and where the party is at this weekend by visiting our Locations page.