When you start seeing people carry their red Starbucks cup and hearing Christmas music on the radio, you know the Christmas season is here. At Chase Oaks Church, you know it is Christmastime when our trees go up. On our trees, you will not find traditional ornaments. You will find paper ornaments with a list of needs: toys and coats for children and gifts for single moms.

We believe we can celebrate 2gether this Christmas in a way that makes Jesus happy—serving those in our community who are vulnerable and could use some help at this time of year. We believe the magic of the season lies in being generous and giving to struggling families. We believe in reaching out to the community to bring light, hope, and joy during this special season.

Let’s celebrate 2gether this season by bringing joy to those who struggle to make it through the season.

Celebrate 2gether at ToyZone

Donating Gifts and Coats

This year, we are excited to host our annual Christmas store, ToyZone, at the Chase Oaks Family Center and the Woodbridge Campus. ToyZone is a place where parents can shop for their children at affordable prices, bringing dignity back to charity. When the parents are done shopping for their children, they can pick up a free coat and take their gifts to the gift-wrapping station where they can enjoy free gift-wrapping.

To identify struggling families in our community, Chase Oaks works with local schools and organizations. Then, these families receive invitations to come shop at ToyZone. It is a great opportunity for parents to enjoy stress-free Christmas shopping as they pick out gifts their children will love!

At the Chase Oaks Family Center, ToyZone will support children from Mendenhall Elementary, Terrace Elementary, Family Promise, and Agape Resource Center. It will be open various hours from December 12-15. Our Woodbridge Campus, which serves the Murphy, Wylie, and Sachse community, will host ToyZone at their campus to support local children from their partner schools on December 14-15.

If you would like to help make Christmas happen for those struggling in our community, pick up an ornament (or a few) at your campus, purchase as many unwrapped gifts and coats as you would like, and return the unwrapped gifts and coats to your campus by the drop-off date. To find out the drop-off date for your campus, please visit Celebrate 2gether. 

Volunteering at ToyZone

Donating gifts are not the only way to participate at ToyZone. Every year, we need multiple volunteers to help run the ToyZone store as the families do their Christmas shopping. There are volunteer opportunities such as greeting families, being a cashier, or wrapping presents. You can even serve with your family, friends, or neighbors at ToyZone. (Please note all volunteers must be 12 years and older). Also, if you are able to provide gift-wrapping supplies, that would be amazing! If we work together, we can make this Christmas season special for the families at ToyZone.

For volunteer opportunities, contact Family Center Director Julissa Estrada at .

Celebrate 2gether for Gifts for Moms

When we think of ways to serve families at Christmastime, we tend to think of ways to provide for children. We always want to buy toys and clothes for little ones. But Christmas is not just for children.

Aside from helping families provide Christmas for their children, Chase Oaks loves to help single moms. Being a single mom can be overwhelming, exhausting, and stressful, especially during the holiday season.

Partnering with Gifts for Moms, our Legacy Campus will have a tree dedicated to Gifts for Moms. With 150 single moms signed up, we are hoping to brighten single moms’ Christmas this year. To participate, simply take an ornament from the tree, purchase a gift or a gift card, and return the gift (with its gift receipt) in a gift bag or place the gift card (with its gift receipt) in the box labeled “Gifts for Moms.” For the donations drop-off dates, visit Legacy Campus Celebrate 2gether.

The moms will also enjoy a night of pampered treatment as they will have free valet, free childcare, and a catered dinner. The gifts will be handed out to single moms at the celebration dinner where they will connect with other single moms. It will be an encouraging time where they will experience love, joy, and hope.

For volunteer opportunities or for more information on Gifts for Moms, please contact Tracy Parlin at .

Thank You for Your Generosity

As we get ready to celebrate 2gether this Christmas, it is important for us to look back on the generous gifts Chase Oakers gave to those in need last year. As part of Celebrate 2gether, Chase Oakers helped over 400 families afford Christmas for their children at ToyZone. In addition, at our Legacy Campus, Gifts for Moms provided a Christmas party and gifts for 150 single moms. The generosity of Chase Oakers is amazing!

Your generosity makes the Christmas season special again and brings joy, hope, and love to struggling families during a difficult season. It also helps us build important relationships that can transform our community. We look forward to celebrating this wonderful season with you!