The Hunger Crisis in Our Community

Living in an affluent area, many of us may not realize how many families and individuals are living in poverty and facing problems such as hunger and food insecurity every day.

According to the North Texas Food Bank, hunger is a pervasive problem in the North Texas community. 1 in 6 people are food insecure. 1 in every 4 children in North Texas are food insecure. That is almost 300,000 children who do not have consistent access to a sufficient amount of affordable, nutritious food.

In an area where many have so much, we should be able to use our resources to help those struggling with hunger and food insecurity in our community. And the good news is this is easy to accomplish since we already have partnered with so many amazing local food pantries.

Meet Our Local Food Pantries

Rather than asking for food donations, we are asking for monetary donations to help our local food pantries purchase what they need. Every $1 donated will provide three nutritious meals for those in need. Our financial support will help our food pantries alleviate hunger in our community as they care and provide for those who are struggling.

Meet the local food pantries we will be giving to this season.

Minnie’s Food Pantry

Based in Plano, TX, Minnie’s Food Pantry is one of the leading food pantries in North Texas and proudly serves every person that walks through their doors regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, or zip code.

Minnie’s Food Pantry believes that overall wellness begins with food, health, and financial education, so their ultimate goal is to provide numerous programs that help families gain long-term food security. They have distributed over 8.9 million meals.

A Christian Food Pantry

A Christian Food Pantry (AC Food Pantry) provides a free supply of groceries once per week per household for residents of East Plano. The organization serves everyone, regardless of their race, color, or religion. This includes low-income families, single parents, senior citizens, unemployed individuals, disabled veterans, working poor, and anyone else that comes to the pantry that needs emergency food assistance.

At AC Food Pantry, their clients are able to select groceries in their “farmer’s market” style pantry once per week. Their “farmer’s market” creates an environment that is both comfortable and uplifting.

God’s Pantry

God’s Pantry was established to feed the physical and emotional hunger of those in need in a dignified and caring manner. Their mission is to change lives and eliminate hunger in our community by feeding the hungry today to build a healthier, hunger-free tomorrow one person, one family at a time.

They have an open-door policy and believe that everyone deserves to eat. Therefore, they do not turn anyone away. They seek to preserve peoples’ dignity, serving those in need with respect and compassion as they seek help during a difficult time in their life.

Trusted World

Trusted World is committed to providing the best resources, at no cost, to nonprofit organizations that are providing services on someone else’s behalf. They are helping people help people.

Trusted World specializes in the collection and distribution of goods, such as food, clothing, and personal care items. They work with school counselors, social workers, police departments, and other nonprofits to identify and communicate with people who are in need.

Alongside their 131 partners in Collin and Dallas County, they have clothed, fed, or helped over 1 million people in our community.

By providing these resources, Trusted World gives nonprofit organizations more time to focus on their core competencies—serving people in need.

Allen Community Outreach

Allen Community Outreach (ACO) transforms lives by providing essential human and social services in our community.

ACO has been serving its neighbors and friends facing financial crisis in Allen and the surrounding communities in Collin County, Texas, since 1985. The organization provides free comprehensive human services to help families avoid hunger and homelessness and gain financial security.

ACO offers income support, including food, clothing, utility and housing assistance, medical visits and prescriptions assistance, and education and employment services such as GED classes, college assistance, financial coaching, and career counseling.

ACO also offers a summer food program for children in need. Oftentimes, children in need eat their only meals at school as participants in the free and reduced-meal programs. So, summertime can be difficult as children from struggling families may not have access to affordable, nutritious meals. Therefore, ACO provides children in need with bags of healthy, easy-to-prepare breakfast and lunch foods to ensure they have access to food all year round.

5 Loaves Food Pantry

5 Loaves Food Pantry is a faith-based organization that provides food and support for all ages to nourish both the body and the soul. Since opening their doors in September of 2015, they have expanded from a simple local food pantry to a fully-functional food pantry and diaper bank. They offer several programs, including their Transition to Life Class, which provides special needs students with the opportunity to learn life skills.

In addition, 5 Loaves Food Pantry has crafted a sustainability project by purchasing coffee beans from a supplier in which they roast, grind, and bag their own special coffee blends. The sale of these Honduran, Brazilian, and Guatemalan coffee beans helps 5 Loaves offset some of their expenses. They also planted a community garden this spring, helping to assist with their fresh produce needs.

How We Can Alleviate Hunger

In our community, we can work together to alleviate hunger by giving generously to our #LoveDoesTheUnexpected fund, which will be used to help our local food pantries get what they need to help those who are struggling and facing food insecurity.

After receiving our financial gift, the food pantries will place an order with the North Texas Food Bank. Rather than paying the cost of the food, they will pay a small handling fee based on the amount of food they purchase. Therefore, our monetary gifts will have a much larger impact on our food pantries because they can purchase what they need at an extremely low cost.

To learn more about how your generosity can impact the lives of thousands of individuals and their families in our area, check out Local Food Pantries.

You can also visit any of our partners’ websites to see how you can volunteer to serve those in need as well. Maybe there is a way you can act surprisingly to those struggling with hunger and food insecurity in your neighborhood or school district.

To give generously or to find other ways to spread love throughout our community, visit Love Does The Unexpected. We want to help you make a difference and love others right where you are!