As the Richardson Campus Grand Opening draws near, the Richardson Team is getting ready to create a “come as you are” environment where people can be transformed and make a difference in our community! They would love to invite you to get to know more about their team and their campus, so you can feel right at home when you walk through those doors.

The Richardson Core Team is excited to open the doors at the Richardson Campus Grand Opening and ready to meet you in person. The team wanted to let you know a few details about them and their roles at the Richardson Campus.

Meet First Impressions Director Cindy GonzalesRichardson Campus First Impressions Director Cindy Gonzales

First Impressions Director Cindy Gonzales has been attending Chase Oaks Church for 17 years. She loves the people and the teaching. No matter what pastor or speaker is on the stage, there is always something important to learn, even after attending for 17 years! She is especially excited in helping launch a new campus because she loves “watching God at work from the very beginning.”

While Chase Oaks has had a great impact on her faith, Cindy learned a lot about faith at an early age from her parents. She witnessed their love for each other and for Christ. And even through the hard times, her parents put their faith in Christ, giving them the strength to move forward. Watching her parents live out their faith influenced Cindy and her walk with God the most.

Taking her faith with her, Cindy decided to move to the Richardson Campus because God prepared her and friends encouraged her to help launch the Richardson Campus. When she was approached by Richardson Campus Pastor Michael Yeilding, she knew it was time to become a part of the Richardson Team.

As the First Impressions Director, she looks forward to being a part of a team that greets and meets all the visitors and makes them feel at home. She loves the diversity of the Richardson community and looks forward to welcoming all people this weekend at the Richardson Campus Grand Opening.

Meet Care Team Coordinator Shannon Hansen

Care Team CoordiRichardson Campus Care Coordinators Dirk and Shannon Hansennator Shannon Hansen and her husband, Dirk, have been attending Chase Oaks since 1993 when it was called Fellowship Bible Church North.

When asked what they love most about Chase Oaks, Shannon responded, “We love the diversity. We love that we are a church of messy people looking to Jesus to transform and change us. We love our community outreach. We care about others and get involved in what is happening in our communities and cities.”

The faith that led her to becoming a long-time Chase Oaker was influenced by her grandmother who was a godly woman that introduced her to the Gospel and took her to church. As a grandmother now, she encourages those that are worried about the faith of their grandchildren because grandparents can have a major impact on their lives.

Since moving to Richardson, Shannon has fallen in love with the community’s diversity and its central location to the surrounding areas. She also loves the mix of the old and new neighborhoods along with the mature trees that create a beautiful landscape for the Richardson community.

Living in the Richardson community gives Shannon and her husband the opportunity to make an impact in their neighborhood. They look forward to inviting their neighbors to church. Since the Richardson Campus is so close, they can even walk to church sometimes!

As the Care Team Coordinators in Richardson, Shannon and her husband look forward to praying for their team, for Chase Oakers, and for everyone that walks through the door of the Richardson Campus. They are ready to show love and support for their campus and to provide resources when people are hurting and need help.

Praying for the Richardson Campus

As the campus prepares for its Grand Opening, the Richardson Core Team would love for peoRichardson Campusple to pray for this weekend as well as the surrounding community. Join Cindy in praying for the campus’ ability to love the community well and for God to help their team show the love of Jesus to the people in Richardson. Join Shannon in praying for the team’s ability to make Chase Oakers and visitors feel welcomed, loved, and supported. And pray that the team will never grow weary of doing good because launching a new campus takes a lot of time and energy.

The Richardson Team does a great job in supporting one another to get their campus ready to welcome the community and create a safe environment where they can learn about love and faith.

To learn more about the staff on the Richardson Team, check out our blog. You can learn more about Richardson Campus Pastor Michael Yeilding, Richardson Campus Resident OnDat Truong, and Richardson Campus Kidzone Director Brooke Peterson.

Not only can you read about the team, but they would love to meet you in person at the Richardson Campus Grand Opening this Sunday! There will be fresh donuts and coffee available from Bunkies Doughtnuts and Pearl Cup Coffee to celebrate! Join the Richardson Team on Sunday, October 7, at 9:30 or 11:15 a.m. The team looks forward to seeing you there!