Why We Celebrate Mother’s Day

According to Woman’s Day, Mother’s Day is the third most popular holiday in the world (behind Christmas and Easter). Mother’s Day is celebrated in various countries, from the United States and Mexico to England and Spain to Japan. Cultures across the world recognize the value of moms and the sacrifices they make to take care of their families.

Moms are known for multitasking as they act as a chauffeur, maid, chef, event planner, and tutor. Aside from their mom duties, many moms work outside of the home. The United States Department of Labor estimates that 70% of moms with children under the age of 18 participate in the labor force. Less than half of women with children in the house get an adequate amount of sleep.

This Mother’s Day, take the time to treat your hard-working, sleep-deprived, multitasking mom to show her how much you love and appreciate her. Here are four ways you can treat mom on Mother’s Day this year.

1. Write a special note.

Mother’s Day cardsOne of the greatest gifts a mother can receive is from the heart. Taking the time to write a special note or make a homemade card will go a long way to making mom feel special this Mother’s Day.

With young children, dads will have to take the lead on this one. If you have young children at home, one of the best things you can do is have your children make a homemade card that expresses their love for their mom. If your children are too young or you are expecting your first child, then take the time to write a special note or letter that lists why you think your spouse is (or will be) a great mom.

With older children, it might be better to purchase a card they can write a personalized message in to give to mom. Or as a family, you can make a top ten list of the reasons your mom is the best.

Live far away from mom? Drop a card in the mail that not only tells her but shows her how much you love and appreciate her. Taking the time to do a little something for mom can go a long way this Mother’s Day.

2. Clean the house.

Cleaning the house can be one of the most time time-consuming and mundane tasks mom does every week (sometimes every day). Rather than waiting for mom to mop the floors, wash your laundry, or scrub the toilets, why not roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty?

You can do a chore every day throughout the week leading up to Mother’s Day or wait for Saturday to do the weekend cleaning. The important part is that the household chores are done so mom can enjoy spending Mother’s Day with the family without worrying about the house being a mess.

While doing chores, encourage mom to sit in her favorite chair, prop her feet up with a book (or TV remote), and relax, knowing her to-do list is getting smaller and smaller.

3. Cook a meal.

Whether your mom works outside of the home or stays at home, planning and cooking meals every week can be a Mother’s Day breakfastdifficult task. So, take over the kitchen (or the grill) for mom on Mother’s Day.

You can bring her breakfast in bed (just make sure you let her sleep first). Even if breakfast consists of a bowl of cereal or bag of donuts, mom will enjoy lounging in bed while eating the most important meal of the day.

To get other ideas for mom’s breakfast-in-bed, check out 16 Breakfast-in-Bed Recipes Perfect for Mother’s Day.

If mom likes to be the early riser, then cook her a special dinner for Mother’s Day. You can put together all of mom’s favorites whether it’s pasta, salad, or seafood. Think of a main entrée and a couple of sides that will make mom feel like she is at her favorite restaurant. And don’t forget dessert! If you need some inspiration for dessert ideas, check out 26 Mother’s Day Desserts that Are Better than a Gift.

No matter what meal you serve mom, don’t forget to add some fresh flowers to her tray for bed or on the dinner table. And after serving mom her favorite meal, do not forget to wash the dishes! She will love waking up to a clean kitchen.

4. Plan a spa day.

Sometimes, we all need to get away to relax. But most of us cannot find the time to go away for a weekend to recharge. For Mother’s Day, you do not have to send mom far for her to feel replenished.

Send her to her favorite spa for the day. You can treat her to a facial, manicure, pedicure, and even a massage. To make the spa experience even better for mom, pay in advance, so she does not have to worry about how much to leave for a tip or wait in line to check out. After her treatment, she can just walk out the door and breathe in the fresh air.

We all know moms like to do things with other moms whether it’s going on playdates or going to dinner. So, invite mom’s best friend to tag along with her at the spa. You might even be able to work with her best friend’s family to pay for their mom’s treatment in advance, too.  And mom might want a mommy-daughter day at the spa. Just make sure mom has someone she can relax with and enjoy her special treatment.

If mom does not have a favorite spa, then bring the spa to her. Transform mom’s favorite room into a room of relaxation. Find her favorite scent and set up aromatherapy candles or diffusers throughout the room.Have someone give her a massage while listening to soothing music or her favorite audio book. Have nail supplies ready to go (e.g., nail files, various colors of nail polish, a topcoat, and nail polish remover) and give her the manicure and pedicure of a lifetime.

For more ideas of how to give mom a spa day at home, check out DIY Home Spa Treatments for Mother’s Day.

While treating mom on Mother’s Day, do not forget to celebrate all of the women who have made an impact in your life. This includes friends who might not be able to be a mom yet and mentors that have been a mother figure to you. It is a day to celebrate all women who have helped us become who we are today.

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