“New Year, New Me!” This is how we enter every year, hoping that something will happen so that we can finally start being the person we want to be. But what happens? Months go by and nothing changes. Finally, by June, we’re already looking to the next year to be the year for change!

Why is this? What is keeping us from living out our full potential?


We are all fearful of what the future holds, especially if it means taking a chance on ourselves. To live out our potential is not an easy road. It takes courage, patience, and endurance to become the person we were created to be.

Fear keeps us from doing the things we want to do and being the person we want to be a year from now. So, what are these fears? What actually are we afraid of?

Here are five fears that keep us from our potential!

Fear of Failure

No one likes to fail; we often try to protect ourselves from failure. Failure doesn’t feel good and is never something we hope for. What we often forget about is that most times we can’t succeed fully without failing a few times.

So, if we have this initial fear of failing, then that could prevent us from even taking the step to try at all. If we never fail, then we’ve never tried or taken that chance at all.

Fear of a Lack of Control

We so desperately search for a way to control the things that affect us. When we recognize that there’s something that is out of our control, it eats at us because we don’t know what will happen.

In an instant-gratification society, we’ve become great at manipulating situations for us to get our way. We’re so used to having control that if we don’t feel like we can control something then we don’t always take the steps into the unknown. What happens is that this fear of a lack of control keeps us from what we want because getting what we want and desire requires trust. It can be trusting in a person, a situation, or just trusting in God.

Fear of Missing Out

Better known as FOMO. We all struggle with the idea that we might be missing out on something fun or exciting. Sometimes this fear can keep us from scheduling plans too far in advance.

What if something better comes up and we’re already in a commitment with someone else? How crazy is that? Do we prevent ourselves from making solid commitments in fear that something better could come along? What happens if something better doesn’t come along?

Now we have no plans, and our fear has only been fed.

Fear of Rejection

With any risk you take, there’s always a fear of being rejected. Whether it’s being rejected after taking that big leap or if it’s your friends and family not reacting the way you want, rejection is a fear that haunts all of us.

We often reject ourselves with negative self-talk. Discouraging ourselves by thinking we’re being a “realist” actually lowers our motivation more than actually being rejected from that job, person, or life event.

Fear of Change

No one likes change. Oftentimes we do everything in our power to keep things the same and live a comfortable life. The thing about this fear is that change is inevitable! Change is constant and neverending!

We can choose to see this as a scary reality, or we can see it as a blessing. If we’re in a rough state, we know that it won’t last forever because change is coming. Sometimes this fear of change will keep us from trying new things because we are too comfortable. When we let the fear of change overtake us, we stifle our inevitable growth!

How do we overcome these fears?

Letting Go of Fear

While these fears are all valid and real, we have the ability to change how we let them affect us. It’s about changing our mindset! If we have the mindset that these fears are bigger than us and we allow them to scare us, then, of course, we won’t even take the first step to become a better version of ourselves.

Now is the time to change your perspective! We must stop living in a state of fear and start living out our full potential! Don’t make excuses. We all can start today in being the person we want to be today!
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