In our current series, “Tribe,” we are learning about the importance of finding those deep connections with others in life that God designed us for and how these life-giving relationships help to recharge and energize us during the good times and the bad.  That’s why NOW is the perfect time to get into a LifeGroup at one of our campuses!
Group-connect-pic-2016-resziedThis past Sunday at our Sloan Creek and Legacy campuses we held a “Group Connect” event that helped connect newcomers or those who haven’t yet connected with a group, the opportunity to check out some different groups available.  Some groups were completely brand new and formed out of this event, while others were more established and just rolling out the red carpet for newcomers.

LifeGroups are a central and essential part of the Chase Oaks’ ministry mosaicdistinct from the large, corporate worship experience, short-term small groups, or one-on-one counseling. LifeGroups offer an opportunity for individuals and couples to develop long-term relationships, sometimes life-long, that provide a support system of growth, community, and care.

Duartes-and-Ladies-CollageOne such LifeGroup has been led by Roger and Sharon Duarte, veteran leaders of a group for the last 15 years, although they’ve been involved in small-group ministry for some 35 years total….impressive! (Additionally they have served in the Coffee Bar ministry at the Legacy Campus for some 30 years…now that’s grounds for commendation!).

The Duartes share that their group has been characterized by two things through the years: Togetherness and Service. They have participated in such activities as weekend trips to a local ‘B & B’, visiting the Ft. Worth Art Festival, and the Dallas Arboretum.  One of their members has a cabin in Colorado which they visit annually (in July—for obvious reasons!) Their service ministry has included taking meals to those convalescing and to volunteers who work with clinic patients, giving assistance at funeral services for members, (as they did not too long ago for the parent of one of our staff members, Lori Eubanks),  participating in ShareFest and 2gether, along with helping the promotion of mission trips.

In their words, their LifeGroup has become an extended family, one which has served its members as well as those in the broader community. What’s their main reason for being part of and leading a LifeGroup all these years?  “We get to connect with people at the heart level.”

Now honestly, who wouldn’t want to be part of something like that?

LifeGroup-Launch-Parties (2)Jeff challenged each of us this past weekend to try and attend each week of this “Tribe” series and to seriously consider plugging into a LifeGroup, if you’ve not already done so.  So, if you’ve been on the fence about getting into a group, NOW is the time to do it!  Stop by the Groups area in the lobby of your campus this weekend to find a group that is right for you.  All of our groups now through September 4 are hosting “LifeGroup Launch Parties” where YOU are the guest of honor!  So take a step of faith and start connecting with your “tribe” soon!

If you wanted to attend the Legacy Campus “Group Connect” this past Sunday but couldn’t make it, it’s not too late to jump into a newly formed group there.  Just email Taffy Pavey at and let her know you’d like to start attending this Sunday! .