The Inspiration for My Possibilities

My son, Kyle, who is an inspiration to me, was not born with a disability. Kyle sustained a traumatic brain injury when he was a baby. And so, on a very ordinary day in 1986, I was involved in a car accident that really caused Kyle to have a traumatic brain injury.

My Possibilities is a Plano-based nonprofit that serves as a pioneering leader in vocational education and job placement for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

You know, My Possibilities really began when my son was graduating from high school. Kyle went into his last [OD] meeting and they were like, “Oh, Charmaine, what are you going to do with Kyle?

I was like, “I don’t know what I’m going to do with Kyle. What options do I have?”

And they were like, “I don’t know.”

My son is about 21 at this point, and that sent me on a journey to discover what options could happen when my son graduated from high school and come to find out there was nothing.

So, I called up another mother, her son and my son were in school together, and said, “What are you doing with your son?

And she said, “I don’t know. What are you doing with yours?

The Beginning of My Possibilities

And we met at Starbucks, and we sketched on the back of a Starbucks napkin really the blueprint, and actually when we look back now, the divine inspiration for what was to become My Possibilities.

We really were looking just to fix a solution for our children. We were two mothers, and we were like, “Ok, we’ll just get a house, and we’ll start something small for our children.”

So, that’s how the idea really began. We had no money. I mean we started this organization with nothing. We had to raise $200,000 to begin the journey. We did that through popcorn sales, other people’s trash out of the boot, I mean it’s amazing. But really, it was so personal to us, we were thinking only about ourselves until we realized that there was a much more global position.

The Impact of My Possibilities

God’s plan for My Possibilities is way beyond anything we could ever imagine. Starting off with a vision of just doing something for our children, it’s grown into this campus serving 650 people. We are currently sitting in one of seven buildings that are going to be built on this 20-acre land.

The second part of the plan is residents, creating home facilities for people with special needs. And God has provided once again. We now own 176 acres of land in Garland that is going to be converted into a residential center.

Thirdly, is jobs, and we have joined forces with a company called LaunchAbility who do exactly that–help individuals with special needs find work in the community.

The Hope of My Possibilities

I always laugh if anybody knows, I say, “One day, when I get to meet God, we’re going to have to have a conversation about an idea and a scope of what. Because it’s way beyond what I had imagined. My gosh, I did not imagine to lead an organization this size, this big, serving so many people.”

This campus is a shining example of God’s work because it is so way beyond what we could ever do as humans. We could never even have thought about this when we first started, God had this always in mind.

My Possibilities is a place of hope and love for so many families and individuals in our community. For ways you can spread love to others, check out Love Does The Unexpected.