As we get ready to launch a new campus in the Richardson community, we are finding out what Chase Oaks is all about from current Chase Oakers. They are excited for the Richardson Campus and the new opportunities it will bring to make a difference close to home. Here are what a few Chase Oakers had to say about the upcoming launch of the Richardson Campus and their journey at Chase Oaks.

Becoming a Chase Oaker

Chase Oakers Liz Hooker and FamilyAfter moving to Plano in 2014, Liz and her husband, Craig Hooker, started attending Chase Oaks at Legacy. At the time, she was seven months pregnant. The couple quickly connected to Chase Oaks and became involved in a LifeGroup, gaining a church family from the start.

When her first child, Micah, was born, she was overwhelmed by the support and encouragement from her church family. She cannot express how much that initial support meant to her and her family.

Like Liz and Craig Hooker, Don Rainwater found a place he could call “home” for church. Don has lived in Richardson for over 30 years and has been a Chase Oaker for 17 years. Don will be attending the Richardson Campus along with the Hooker family. They all look forward to making a difference in the Richardson community.

Remembering Favorite Memories at Chase Oaks

The Hookers recall their greatest memories being spent with friends from Chase Oaks. For example, Micah’s dedication, where they had no blood relatives, was filled with their LifeGroup family. They were the couple’s biggest supporters. They were a village helping to raise Micah to know and love Christ. Unfortunately, they would have to leave that village for Atlanta for Craig’s job.

LifeGroup is also where Don created some of his favorite memories at Chase Oaks. Through the good times and the hard times, he remembers his LifeGroup being an important part of his life. Describing one of his favorite things about Chase Oaks, Don says he loves the “authenticity along with emphasis on community via LifeGroups.”

Chase Oaks’ LifeGroups consist of 8-20 people who come together as they are, seek transformation with God and one another, and make a difference as a team. Each LifeGroup has its own unique character and personality. Some are based on stage of life, others are gender-based, and still others are a diverse mixture. But each one is designed to help one another grow. And indeed, Liz and Don both grew as part of a LifeGroup.

Connecting to the Richardson Community

Although Richardson has changed a lot over the last few years, Don describes it as having a “smaller suburb” feel. He loves the older homes, trees, and the diversity in the Richardson community. It is a great place to find connection.

In June 2017, when Liz and her family returned to Dallas and bought a home in Richardson, they found connection close to home. They love the established community and people who genuinely care about their city. With two little ones, discovering different parks has created great friends in the community.

Aside from finding connection in the community, Liz also connected with other moms through Chase Oaks MOMS Connection.

Mothering is tough, and there is no instruction manual. The healthy influence of the MOMS Connection group shapes how Liz and her husband parent. Liz still attends MOMS and plans to be a Discussion Group Leader in the fall.

Aside from her involvement in MOMS Connection, her family is eagerly anticipating the grand opening of the Richardson Campus where they will greatly appreciate the feel of the smaller church as they can walk into a building and know everyone in the room.

Being Closer to Home

One of the best things about the Richardson Campus for Don is he cannot wait to have a campus close to home Richardson Campus Chase Oaker Don Rainwaterwhere he can easily invite neighbors, including UTD students, to a church where people can come as they are, be transformed, and make a difference. He prays “that God would use our Richardson campus to have a significant impact in our community and that many unchurched folks could discover or rediscover church in new life-changing ways.”

Liz is excited for the new campus because they can invite their neighbors and people they meet in the Richardson community. She wants to connect to the surrounding community to build friendships and the kingdom of God.

As her children get older, she is ready to truly be the hands and feet of Jesus at Chase Oaks Richardson. Having children see their parents give back to their community is very important to the Hookers. Don is also going to be involved in the Richardson Campus by being a LifeGroup leader and greeter and helping in outreach.

The Hooker family continues praying that each person who walks through the doors feels welcomed and will be transformed.  Liz says, “My hope is that we can connect with those lost in Richardson or those who don’t attend church regularly. I pray this campus can reach those that may never have tried a church, or those who have tried a church and didn’t feel at home. I pray this new team of leaders will encourage, create, build relationships, show Christ-like love, be transformed, and make a difference in the community.”

Join these Chase Oakers in making a difference by being a part of the Richardson Campus. We will be launching near you on October 7! We look forward to helping you find connection in the Richardson community.